scripting helpers tip of the day is hypocritical

  • You can get your question taken down for being "Primarily Opinion-Based". Opinion based being 'this method is better than blah blah'

    This is a violation of their own rules!

    This is opinion based:


  • It is though. Using Changed with health is stupid. Also, the question moderation doesn't apply to the tip of the day.

  • You are not understanding the definition of Tip.

    Tip: a small but useful piece of practical advice.[Noun]
    Synonyms: Suggestion.

    If you use the synonym, it means Suggestion of the Day.

    Definition of Suggestion

    Suggestion: an idea or plan put forward for consideration.[Noun]

    This IS supposed to be Primarily Opinion Based. It is an advice. You can choose to follow it or not. Hence, your logic is off.

  • @Zafirua I’ve done exactly that in the past. 'I suggest using LocalPlayer instead of 50 script.Parent’s to make it faster.'

  • @incapaz No I mean the Tip Of The Day is supposed to be a Primarily Opinion Based topic. Its point is to give advices to aspiring devs.

    However, Scripting Helpers Question Board is not a primarily Opinion based question site. The forum is. Opinion based questions are not to be there. It is there to simply answer a person's questions. Your Local Player Tutorial should be at Forum. Yes the forum has a lot less population now, but eventually it will grow.

  • @Zafirua hmm ok

  • @incapaz While giving tips are good, you really shouldn't put them in a question. It's just the wrong place to put it. Put it on the forums or someplace else.

  • Global Moderator

    It's not opinion based as it's not an opinion; it's a fact.

    As for the "primarily opinion-based" moderation claim, it is meant to be used in cases where the asker opens a question where there is no real best answer; such as "What is the best way of doing X". Now, I'm not saying all questions that follow this pattern are bad. Asking which algorithm out of a list of algorithms would be better suited to accomplish a given task (e.g, sorting an array) is perfectly fine. I'm talking from a game design perspective.

    But in this day and age where any and all questions that surface are like this, it would mean all questions would have to be moderated. I'm sure our users wouldn't be very happy, and we can't have that.

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