how does todays top users work?

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    there is a requester on the list. how did she do it?? i answer (and get accepted) lots of questions and i’m not there...

  • @incapaz If you post a few times a day, chances are you will get up there.

  • Act more humble and you may appear up there :wink: .

    To be serious though, I don't know. I think if you have already appeared on the list recently, or frequently, they take you off for awhile. I've seen you're karma status and I'm assuming you've already made it up there on multiple occasions .

  • @LateralLace i honestly don’t care much but still. how would a requester be up there anyway? i’m helping the people with their code and others are too and they don’t go up there either?

  • It depends on how much up votes you receive I believe. Some days, I have asked a question which has 6-7 up votes and even then I have made it there. It depends on amount of times you have asked / answered questions and/or how much up votes you receive.

  • @incapaz hmm


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