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  • I was just wondering if any of you guys can give good/strong reasons for all the rules on this site. When I joined, I had to input something into my blurb to prove that the account was mine. Maybe the webmasters decided that they wanted to closely tie the site in with Roblox, but I found a little odd that a Q n' A forum would mandate someone have an account on any site.

    What really annoys me, though, are all the other rules in place that seem to serve no purpose. For example, your account MUST be older than 2 weeks old in order to participate in the on-site chat room. In addition to this, your title MUST have a question and MUST comply with their definition of 'specific'.

    I'm not sure about what other rules are in place, but you get my point I hope.

    I understand that some of these rules are meant to prevent bots and whatnot, but it seems like all these rules and regulations are just redundant and obtrude in me enjoying the site and participating in it much more than I currently don't.

    Can anyone give me good reasons and, better yet, provide examples of situations where the lack of a specific rule has had a negative impact on this/another forum?
    Thanks for reading this post until the end.
    All ideas and comments are welcome

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    Roblox Accounts- When Scripting Helpers was created, we had the goal to help people learn how to develop scripts and solve issues relating to that. Since the developers for Scripting Helpers were all users of Roblox, and Roblox uses their own variation of Lua, the direction the developers took this site was to gear it toward the Roblox platform. To reduce the amount of spam and unwanted questions we would receive, Scripting Helpers requires the ownership of a Roblox account.

    Community Chat- The requirement for your account to be older than two weeks to communicate in our chat was necessary to slow the behavior of potentially abusive users.

    Question Titles and Specifications- Question titles must have a question mark because it's a question. The idea of a question is to be asking a question, not to give a flat statement. As per our definition of specific, we have on many occasions encountered users who put a generic title of "Why won't this work?", "What did I do wrong?", "Will this work?", "URGENT, WILL YOU HELP ME!?", and numerous variations. These titles don't draw to attention the people that are skilled in the topic they should have stated in their question, but the people who are merely curious as to what the topic actually is. These topics also easily become difficult to find when a user wants to search our website for a solution to what they are encountering. We place a question title through a filter of words and if originality is not present for a certain percentage of the title, then the question is rejected. We are open to feedback to better improve this filter if you're willing to provide suggestions.

    If you have any other concerns regarding our platform, feel free to ask them here and I can try to explain why some of these rules are implemented. Thank you for your feedback and we may re-evaluate these policies in the future to make them better for the user experience.

  • I understand that this is your site and you have every right to disregard my opinion,
    but here are my thoughts.

    Question Titles
    I my view, on a question-and-answer website such as this, the putting the topic of your query in the title as opposed to a question will not vary the amount and type of people viewing the question. The title will still be holding the subject matter of the post and thus should be allowed.

    Question Specifications
    Now that you have explain the reasoning behind the specifications of the title, I understand why that rule was added. As there are clear examples from before the rule was implemented showing ineffective titles, adding this rule makes sense as it implicitly benefits multiple parts of the website. Although it seems to be slightly too high, I have not asked many questions and thus cannot put forward a supported opinion.

    Roblox Accounts
    While I agree with the fact that the site is geared toward users of Roblox, it still strikes me as odd. My opinion on this topic is not against the rule, but merely pointing out that I think it is strange.

    Chat Regulations
    I believe community chat regulation is least supported. I do not see any relationship with having a Roblox account for a set time period and the likeliness of being an abusive user of the chat system. Furthermore you did not provide evidence from this website or any other website showing that this type of rule slows down the behavior of disparaging users. I believe this rule to be enacting on false fears. Lastly, the rule leaves out a small minority of Roblox users such as myself who join the platform for the sole purpose of creating content.

    The community here is actually pretty nice and I would like to be more active in it, but as of now these are my barriers of entry.

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    Question Titles- Another reason we filter the titles, as well as require it be a question, is for quality assurance purposes. If a question mark weren't mandated, users could freely say whatever they wish within a title, which of course isn't the purpose of a Q&A site.

    Roblox Accounts- It's not that strange at all. Scripting Helpers is directed towards ROBLOX Lua, and the chances are if you're programming in that language, you most likely have a ROBLOX account. This is also in place to ensure we have the proper targeted audience within our site. We wouldn't want to confuse someone looking for a Q&A site based on regular Lua.

    Chat Regulations- The relationship is quite clear between account age and the chance of it being an abusive user. As within any moderated community, account suspensions are handed out, and to reduce the chance of the user attempting to rejoin the community before their suspension is served, we add the 2 week minimum to prevent any accounts made for that purpose. Of course they could already have a current alternate account that is above the 2 week age, though, if we do spot it, we usually put a stop to it. It lightens the load on the staff as we aren't always there to moderate a user.

    We're glad you're enjoying the community, and we encourage you to participate and be active within it, once your account passes the 2 week age requirement.

  • Something to add about the Community Chat. Couldn't the two week account requirement easily be bypassed through the Scripting Helpers discord server chat-room?

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