[FORUM BUG] Profile Picture Not Saving

  • So when I first entered the forum I tested out the profile icon and background, and was relativity pleased with it. The pictures I used were just test images to see if it actually worked (lets call the picture I used x), which it did. After that I removed the icon and background so I could change them to a picture I actually wanted, but ran into a problem. When I clicked save, the picture would revert to the newest upload I tried, instead it reverted back to x (the first picture). I tried multiple different picture in different file locations, but still no success. The odd part about this is I can revert back to the default image (for e it's the letter T), but still if I try to upload from the default, it will still go back to x. Not quite sure what to do here...

    TL;DR: Trying to change profile icon or background for a second time will just revert back to the first picture used for it.

    EDIT: So apparently the admins have tried fixing this and are unable to.

  • I had this same problem ... I tested the profile picture just to see if it worked right ... and now it's stuck as that picture!

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