What’s up with people using Lighting as storage?

  • It makes no sense using a service meant for controlling the brightness of the game, holding skyboxes and PostEffects, as storage. We have ServerStorage and ReplicatedStorage for this.

  • @incapaz The wiki(?) answers this question. :P (Click the emoji to visit it.) To quote it, Prior to the introduction of ServerStorage and ReplicatedStorage lighting was used for storage.

    As to why today, I don't know. :thinking: If I had to guess though, it's probably because people are using old scripts that require tools/scripts/models/etc to be in the Lighting. For example, Person299's Admin Commands still uses Lighting as a place for storage instead of ReplicatedStorage or ServerStorage.

  • @TheAlphaStigma yeah i was aware lighting was used as storage for that. but recent questions from less than 2 weeks ago would request something like

    "ok so i want a script that clones models from lighting into workspace"

    something along those lines. why from lighting tho?

  • @incapaz I don't know the exact reason, but if I had to take a couple of guesses:

    1. It might be because Scripts and LocalScripts can access the Lighting service.

    2. It might be because of how they stumbled upon it. For example, they might've seen that Person299 uses the Lighting service for storage, and from there got the idea that it's a good place to put their assets, such as script/models, without them running in the game.

    This's just my opinion, however; they're not the 100%/exact reason why people'll using Lighting for storage.

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