Wow Bro....

  • Re: [Building a Basketball Game. With Attributes](Animations and Customization)

    I seriously never thought you would be the person to do this.... I just wanted to get this basketball game done so we could work on the hockey.
    U were such a nice person and that wasn't very cool what you did.
    we could have talked about it.
    That's really messed up bro...


  • What on earth are you talking about?

  • I can't take the pressure of building 4 games at once, I've decided just to chill out for a bit because I have been working non stop. There is nothing wrong with what I posted, we could use the help building RBA. I thought you were cool with RBA but apparently not. I'm willing to help you again but give me a bit of breathing space, I will help you on my own time. I can't take the pressure of 4 people messaging me every 5 minutes.

  • And yes I agree I'm sorry, we could have and should have talked about this, I apologize.

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