I'll give a brief list here on what I need to be done. I have all the models needed to put into the framework, just need the scripting itself done. I can negotiate all prices.

An Armor GUI that shows on spawn for the Hostiles Team and Republic team. However not the Visitors. For the Hostiles team, it gives you a choice between a B2 Battle Droid or their normal character. For the Republic team, it needs to show categories for all their division armors. (ARC,212th 501st etc etc). I have the armors for all that too. I need a loadout menu in that same GUI to give the players an opportunity to select between an E9C,E5,DC15A or DC15S. A Sidearm portion to that would be great too, so for the SE14 and DC17B. The DC15A,S and 17B must be group locked to the Republic group. However the E9C,5 and SE14 is free to use. Gamepasses must be able to be bought from the loadout GUI too, which would include a Z6 and a DC15X.

I would like all that done, and if it's done to what I'm expecting I'll pay you again to do another some more misc. stuff.

Hope someone can help. Thank you for reading.

Discord ID# James F.#6241