Hello! Welcome to my introduction to a new tutorial I'm writing. I am writing this for a friend, but I decided to post this here so I can add onto the tutorial every day or so. Feel free to follow along if you're new to scripting. If during this tutorial or tutorials you feel stuck, you're free to ask questions in the comments of this tutorial.

Day 1:

  • Introduction
    Because this is your first tutorial, and you're so eager to learn something, you're going to watch two videos while following along. Make sure you follow along, and copy everything in the videos to help it stick in your brain. Even very simple things I want you to follow along with. If you think you can, change a few things he does in the tutorial. The first video I want you to watch is here. The video was made by UristMcSparks, and he does a good job introducing variables, properties, and more in detail without going too slow. The second video is here. This is simply part two of the tutorials. This is a hands on tutorial, meaning it's very important that you follow along.
    'Keep note: These first few days you might not understand what things do and this is entirely normal. You're just being introduced to them. You'll slowly being to understand how and why things work, but for now try to make note of what does work.'

Day 2:

  • More Introduction
    Well, you watched the first two lessons in the series, "Hour of Code." There are two more, though. I'm only going to ask you to do one of the tutorials today, though. This is the video I want you to watch. But after watching the video and following along, I would like you to take 10 minutes to play around with the code. Change it up from the tutorial. See if you can make a jump boost instead of a speed boost. See if you can do anything else. If you can't, that's fine. This is only to help you with playing with, and reading, code.

Day 3:

  • Finishing Introduction
    We'll finish up the "Hour of Code" today. This one is my favorite tutorial, because it's so much fun. It's likely that you'll make a typo or two in this tutorial, so pay close attention. I would recommend not changing much until the end of the tutorial. Like at the end you might wanna make the cannon make huge explosions with its fireballs. Here's the link to the tutorial!

Day 4:

  • Functions and Killing Players
    So far I've only gave you videos to watch. I hope you don't mind. These are how I sorta learned. I just wanna make sure you know the basics before giving you challenges. Some people don't like reading, so I'm posting videos for now. We have another video, now. A video by PeasFactory. He's been inactive for over a year, but he's made many helpful tutorials. You'll see me referencing his videos often. I want you to watch his video on returning. After watching this, think about how it works. After that simple little video, I would like you to make a kill brick. You might have learned about how to make a kill brick from the cannon tutorial, but in case you forgot this video should help you. The video is by MangoMiner. It's a bit old but will still help you. See if you can make the kill brick from memory, first. It's fine it you can't, and even likely, but trying something first will help you to remember in the future. After that, you'll be done for today.

Day 5:

  • Lighting: Time of day
    This is a simple set of tutorials which will have you manipulate time in ROBLOX. You're becoming a wizard! Soon you'll be able to manipulate all the elements! These videos are really short, so we have a couple. Watch and follow along in video one, two, three, and four. If you want, after watching the tutorials see if there's anything else you can make happen at certain times. There's is one thing to note, however. Checking for the exact time while the time is always changing may cause if statements to never fire due to lighting changing over, or never being that 'exact' value. So be careful.

Day 6:

  • Instancing, and Fire and Water
    Here are three tutorials. They will teach you more about Instancing and controlling code. There are only three tutorials. Here's one, two, and three. These are super short. Very laid back day.


This is a tutorial made for my friend. I tried customizing it for him, but it will help everyone in general learning to script. This isn't done, and will be added to daily.

Thanks for reading.