What Tutorials Would You Like to See?

  • With the ability to create any tutorial we desire, what tutorial would you want to see? There are many people making tutorials, and if you're idea appeals to someone then it will most likely get it's own tutorial.

    You can suggest whatever you want, but ones that aren't well explained anywhere else are recommend. Things that aren't very well documented on the wiki, for example.

    Record your suggestions below, Please.

  • Perhaps scripting involving getting information from outside sources like Trello or Google Spreadsheets stuff.

  • I'd love to see a tutorial about manipulating ScrollingFrames with scripting effectively, for example, updating the CanvasSize when creating GUI objects in the frame at runtime.

  • I don't know if this is too much to ask but I would like to see a tutorial on problem solving.

    I have learned lua, still am today but, learning the programming language is nothing unless you have problem solving skills.

    I am just wondering if you could make a forum on all your tips for problem solving and how you would go about solving advanced problems.

  • Meta tables (explained simply and to the point). Honestly, the wiki and all other records I've encountered of meta tables are too hard to follow and understand.

    Also a proper tutorial would be nice in general, since the wiki pretty much makes all beginners averse to the complex concepts.

  • A Tutorial On How To Make A Completely Custom Chat Gui T_T Its A Pain To Make One...

  • Stuff like filtering enable lag fighting you know stuff like that

  • @shabbs15 I'm not sure about "lag-fighting".

    And there are tons of great tutorials about FE out there. I'm not sure we need another.

  • Here's one I would like to see:

    Returning functions. Why would you return a function, and when returning a function that returns more values, how would that work? Just a quick run down would be nice.

  • @OldPalHappy The reason I chose this was because a lot of this stuff was asking for the "Answer" when there were tutorials about how to do the individual components. They might as well have went onto the toolbox and used those models but I think my topics are quite generic

  • @Thegrimdeathzombie It really isn't that hard to make one. On a scale of 1-10 on how hard it is, it's about a 6. I may make one...

  • I make tutorials on youtube myself. Check me out: Previized

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