ROBLOX Studio massive gun error???

  • Every time I try to use a gun in test mode on ROBLOX Studio, it glitches. ANY gun I use glitches and does not work. Or it works but does not kill people. Is anyone else having this problem? I can use swords jut fine, but literally ANY gun goes wack on me. Please help me :(. It is very frustrating

  • @hawkeye1940

    We can't help you if you get assets from the toolbox and don't even give us the code

  • @Aimarekin Bruh... you did not read what I said did you? ALL guns I use in the toolbox do the same glitch. They shoot, but the characters glitch out and randomly die, the guns don't kill. I have tried 50+ different guns from the toolbox. The first guns I tried were TurboFusions.

  • @hawkeye1940

    That is what I mean. xD

    Don't use things from the toolbox. and if all guns don't work then It's a problem with your game probably.

    And I did read all.

  • @hawkeye1940

    Anyway, there is not an exact way to fix this because there is not a default function for shooting, there are many ways to code something.

    And maybe you have a script that does something when the character dies.

  • @hawkeye1940 Let's keep things simple:

    Free models are unreliable.

  • @incapaz


  • Global Moderator

    Yeah, really, don't use free models. They're bad for your games. They contain very bad code, are often severely outdated, can sometimes error on edge cases or for no reason at all, and often just don't work.

    git gud and write your own weapons. Thank me later.

  • @Link150 lol Agreed.

  • @Phlegethon5778 Saying that you agree in a whole new post is unnecessary. There's a little upvote button on NodeBB at the bottom of each post.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Like they all said, don't use free models. Some are tricks, some have old code, some are just downright bad. If you are going to use a free model, make sure it has good scripts that won't corrupt your game and make sure its scripts work (if it does have scripts).

    --oh and make sure creator isn't a hacker and is a good model maker

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    @DominusInfinitus I would recommend not using them at all.

  • Free models are for the lazy. It is better to learn to make everything for yourself. Not only is it safer, but it causes you to go beyond your comfort zone and learn new things.

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    @Phlegethon5778 I disagree on one thing. While free models are for the lazy, it's not a bad thing.

    A good programmer is a lazy programmer. A good programmer writes code such that it can be reused and such that they don't have to rewrite it multiple times. The less work you put on yourself the better, as that time you would otherwise spend writing duplicate code and maintaining existing code could be spent on developing more features.

    Reusing models in different projects is a good idea too, and sharing models with other developers could be beneficial to development time as well; you don't have to waste time on what someone has already written for you.

    How the Roblox community decides to use free models is the issue. A lot of clueless scripters just want to see their content used by others, and so they publish models with bad code that just happen to work, and that's the reason you're best to avoid free models and make your own content.

    Overuse of free models is another problem with the Roblox community. Excessive use of free models make for unoriginal games. But the overall idea of free models was a great one.

  • You are right. Sorry for my poorly thought out statement. I should have known that about programmers. However, I do think it is helpful to understand how something works and how to program it before using something someone else made. Also some models have viruses in them. If you understand how something is supposed to work then you have the ability to check for viruses and fix potential problems with the model(intended or otherwise).

  • @Link150
    I wouldn't 100% say that, but in a way I agree.

    It's fine if you get ideas from free models. That's how I learnt how to program, from free models, and I sometimes get ideas from them too. What's not fine is to use them in your game and pass them down as your own.

    However, very old free models exist (as stated before, and they're old now, at least), contain deprecated Instances/code and such, and it isn't a good way to learn for a newbie.

    I did say I learnt from them and discouraged its use, but I mean that was four years ago when things like Mouse.KeyDown weren't deprecated.

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