How did we get our usernames?

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    This topic is basically the story of our lives, or at least our usernames. Some people choose their usernames based on a favorite word, movie, number, or their own name. I want to hear why you guys chose your usernames.

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    I chose my username back in 2012 when signing up for ROBLOX. I was just wanting to play some games with a friend and just needed a username. Of course Megagamer came to mind and by 2012 that username was already taken.

    At the time, I was into leet speak. I knew what it was and decided to adjust my username to it. I figured if you write out a g it looks somewhat like a 9. The three written backwards may even look like an E.

    As for the R at the end of my username, I have no idea why I have it capitalized. I guess I preferred both the first and last character to be capitalized in my name.

    That is the story of how I got my username.

  • My username originated from the twitch Community. When signing up I thought of two random nouns, and when "turtletowers" was taken I switched from an 's' to a 'z'.

  • One time I was 10.

  • My username originated when I tried to make my name my real name, but my dad told me to use my first name only followed by a bunch of random numbers.

  • So like, I was always born with an odd name. And people didn't call me my name. My name is identical to my sister's name. And because no one ever called me by my name, and because I didn't like how unoriginal it was due to being similar to my sister's name. I grew to absolutely hate my name. And so I don't go by my name. I always find any other name that I can go by. And I use the latest fad to do so. NameYEAR, Name_YEAR XxNAMExX But when I was making my Roblox account back in 2008. I desperately wanted my name to mean Tony. Because my real name doesn't have a shortened version and my nicknames was never meaningful.

    That's the story of how I got my name, And no I no longer go by that name. I'm now Panda.

  • Last 3 letter username ending in 8X.

  • I wanted a username that was easy to remember, so I just threw together three common, random words.

  • My name has many meanings :3 but it loosely came from the term "build castles in the sky" which is "To create dreams, hopes, or plans that are impossible, unrealistic, or have very little chance of succeeding".

  • @kingdom5 Deep.
    You're username is so much cooler now :P

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    When I made my account, I was really into Greek mythology (and still am, tbh). I went with the Greek hero Perseus, the slayer of Medusa. But I misspelled it, and ended up with percius123456. The numbers are just because percius was already taken. Then everyone would call me Perci so I just changed it to that later.

  • @Perci1 Seems like every username is taken, so you have to ruin it with numbers.

    I'm surprised my name wasn't taken. First username I tried, too.


    Actually I think I tried OldManHappy first, then went with OldPalHappy because OldManHappy was taken.

  • My original username was Droid949 because I was really into Starwars back in 2010 and Droid was taken, so I added a few numbers on like anyone else. Later though, I wanted a username that wasn't so spoiled by numbers. I ended up swapping the D in Droid with Troid and figured I could add an 'it' to the username to make it seem more full. No, my story really isn't that deep, but it's a story! :P

  • My original username (riorex18) was a combination of my name, my favourite Star Wars: The Clone Wars character's name, and my birthday.

    EmeraldSlash came from me liking emeralds and the colour green.

    TheDeadlyPanther came from me liking panthers :cat:

  • @TheDeadlyPanther I wanted a name that was more original, but also one that wasn't just words but a name.
    Instead, I just picked craft smash build after hearing there was this one TV show called destroy build destroy that I never watched, lol. The reason was because that TV show came on after clone wars, so secretly my name is referencing a TV program that came on after my favorite one, clone wars.

    Though, I have always referred to myself as Trinto Plasmanode, my clone wars adventures in game name.

  • My username comes from 2011 when I first started playing Roblox and Minecraft (the unholy duo)

    Consists of my Favorite Letter (probably easier to just say my name starts with it...)
    Favorite food
    and Favorite Number.
    M Bacon 15

    The newer username I use around when possible: Nowaru is based off of the namesake of Noire from the Hyperdimension Neptunia Series. It also takes advantage of the current age of usernames where names without hanging numbers look

  • My username is my real life nickname and it is kind of like a variation of my name.

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    so I was registering for club penguin right

    and "shayne" was taken, so was "shayne32" (my name + favorite number at the time)

    so then I tried "shayner32" and it worked and it stuck with me. to this day I have no idea why I picked R, it's not even the first letter to my middle/last name or anything

  • I wasn't caring much about Roblox, so when I signed up, I chose the name of a random TV series character. But it was already picked, so I used his nickname in the series.

    Well, it's kind of bad, but I'm not gonna change it now.

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    My username came from some other website(I forget what it was). I tried to put just "Antonio" but it was taken, so it recommended I use "antonio6643", so I did. I guess it just stuck with me.

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