How did we get our usernames?

  • My username is my real life nickname and it is kind of like a variation of my name.

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    so I was registering for club penguin right

    and "shayne" was taken, so was "shayne32" (my name + favorite number at the time)

    so then I tried "shayner32" and it worked and it stuck with me. to this day I have no idea why I picked R, it's not even the first letter to my middle/last name or anything

  • I wasn't caring much about Roblox, so when I signed up, I chose the name of a random TV series character. But it was already picked, so I used his nickname in the series.

    Well, it's kind of bad, but I'm not gonna change it now.

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    My username came from some other website(I forget what it was). I tried to put just "Antonio" but it was taken, so it recommended I use "antonio6643", so I did. I guess it just stuck with me.

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    Well you see, plants have stems and zombies are ghouls yeah?

    It sort of derived from Plants vs. Zombies.

    I like it though so I use it for everything now ;D

  • I created my Roblox account in 2010. I was so creative that I decided to use my full name and remove 1 letter ;)

  • I got no idea.

    I was Krypton397 on Youtube at a time and didn't wanna use the same name.

    Then I changed to Dame_Lillard, because, well, go Blazers.

  • I made this when I was 10 (2009). So yeah.

  • I chose ChipioIndustries because my friends were joking that I (Chip) was going to be the one with a billion dollars in 10 years. But that's kinda lame, so I'll talk about HUEWE4.

    My current ROBLOX account is actually my 4th account. I originally created HUEWE, and then HUEWE2 AND HUEWE3. Then my friend created an account for me called HUEWE4, and this was my first account that did not have safechat enabled. (Remember when safechat was a thing and we couldn't change our game's names and descriptions? Good times.) Now, I played Webkinz before ROBLOX, so that's where HUEWE came from.

    I chose that name because it was the name of the character in one of those audiobooks that came with a Wendy's kid's meal. I think it was called Zombies Don't Play Soccer. So there you go, my original username is derived from a long-forgotten CD somewhere.

  • Well.. I like ducks. But my original account, that I created when I was 8 or something, I think I didn't like numbers but I just typed random letters, "szss". I don't know why. Later on I noticed I just spammed free model places with the account and I didn't like the name, but I had to pay to get this account: I lost all my old egg hunt, free or tix gift and classic tix hats.

  • I chose my username b/c I wanted to come up with a cool username when the name-change update came, and I came up with TheeDeathCaster; thought it was cool. :)

    Although, I miss my old username: stormdragon23
    That came from when I played W101, b/c the Thunder/ Lighting class - there was a dragon spell - looked awesome to me, and was the most powerful when I played, so I went with stormdragon on R, but it was already taken, so I chose to add 23 at the end, thus how I came to stormdragon23. :)
    (I miss my original acc name. T-T If I had the R currency, I'd change it back. Ah well.)

  • Please do not hate for replying an old post lol

    Well, where I live, the secondary languague is Basque (A languague, idk how to define it. I mean, how do you define a languague? xD ) and in Basque -ekin means "With".

    So my name is Aimar. What if I make my name mean "With Aimar"?

    So, I named myself "Aimarekin" (Aimar -ekin)

  • You know how websites suggest a different username when one is taken? That's mine.

    My actual name is Evan, and, because I didn't want to risk anyone I knew irl to recognize my Roblox account, I didn't want to use my real name, so I stuck my first initial to the most common and simplistic name I could think of, Bob. But, eBob was taken. 'Try ProtectiveEBob instead'. So, I did. And I haven't bothered changing it to anything better. Too lazy.

  • For my current user, I got the name from Waddles the pig from Gravity Falls, however, I first thought that the name was spelt "Waddels" so since I loved the show I made my user after it.

  • My friend told me he wanted the name Thundermaker300 but he had TBC and I had OBC and I got it before him

  • I couldn't think of anything better.

  • I was watching Jelly on YouTube around the age of 10, and was currently in the not very well known clan "Yn" in Call of Duty. This led me to JellyYn. Pretty simple. Now, I use JellyDevelops more than JellyYn, because I got more into developing and I lost my account.

  • Pretty much tried to get the shortest username on my new account that made sense and didn't have numbers or capital letters and ended up with the name "tukars" which is surprising to me because phonetically you say "two cars" and it was completely unintentional. (new account), for my old account "abnotaddable" (this one) i just did the first two letters of the alphabet followed by not and then a random word.

  • Necrobump)

    I got my username through kind of a complex process.

    It first started as "cvieyra." It's the first letter of my first name mixed with my last name, "vieyra" (see-vee-air-rah). This was back in 2011, February.

    Later, in 2014, early March/Late February, they added chat for people younger than 13 (I was 11/12). But the filter was really harsh, so to escape the harshness, I made an alt account called "Cvieyra1test." I later forgot the password (I think).

    So then I created "Cvieyra2test." Which would last for about a year until mid-2015 when I was having issues with the Roblox site with accounts not logging in properly. I made "Cvieyra3test" and "Cvieyra4test." Both of which I've abandoned since after I was able to log back into "Cvieyra2test."

    I've stayed with "Cvieyra2test" since, due to its catchy name, "see-vee-air-rah-two-test."

  • @M39a9am3R Well, see, I have two accounts. I used to have an account which was my first and last name combined (my first name is very simple and common but my last name is SUPER rare, well at least in America), but I was not very old at the time when I made my account and I didn't exactly know how Roblox worked. I didn't know about filtering and the developer exchange and stuff like that. So as I got older and wanted to be a dev, I noticed that there were abilities I didn't have. So I decided to make an alternate account that I can use for testing my games with my original account(to test multiplayer features and other things) and that could sneak by filtering and allow the dev exchange. I use it for scripting helpers to hide my real name. So my alt's name, DominusInfinitus, came from Dominus (the expensive hats in Roblox) and then infinitus (IDK first thing to pop into my head, Infinity) yeah so that is basically it

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