Frustration when a user deletes their question

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  • @RAYAN1565

    Uhh I do not agree. I like to can delete the things I send to ensure I don't make anything stupid.

  • @Aimarekin I don't think you read my post carefully. I clearly said that users who ask questions should have a limit on when they could delete their questions once they have been answered. It prevents frustration among scripters who help these users out and don't receive the praise they deserve.

    Those who answer should still be able to delete their answers.

    I have recently provided many answers to users in need and about half of them end up deleting their questions after viewing my answer.

  • @RAYAN1565

    I did read your post carefully, and I still disagree.

    I still think I should always can delete what I post.

  • Who cares about reputation! It's just a number next to your username! People are lucky to even have reputation (some have negative reputation), and you're upset that a question you answer gets deleted. They're dumb if they did that. There's new questions everyday, waiting to be answered.

  • @incapaz You spend time writing a solid answer for someone and then they delete their question. If someone else had the same problem, they wouldn't be able to find your answer any longer. That's frustrating.

  • @OldPalHappy

    The bad luck may have hit @RAYAN1565. This has never happened to me, but by answering a question and locking the answer from deletion is not the way to go. People can have embarrassing questions that they'd like to delete, which have been answered. Indeed there exist other methods so the answerer gets their credit, we just have to keep looking.

  • @incapaz Locking the ability to delete questions would not be the solution, correct.

  • Global Moderator

    @OldPalHappy Exactly. The point of the website isn't just to ask questions, it is first and foremost to search for questions that have already been answered.

  • Global Moderator

    @RAYAN1565 @Aimarekin Here's a compromise. Instead of allowing a user to straight out delete their question or locking them away from deleting their question, we could allow them to put a moderation claim to ask for the deletion of their question. The claim would require 2 to 4 other users to agree before the question is taken down.

  • @Link150

    Still, I don't like how that sounds.
    I've made a version of mine based on what you said.
    Same idea, slight modifications.


    User posts a question. The question can be freely deleted by the user who posted the question until someone answers.

    When someone answers, the user can not freely delete the question, but the delete button will send a request to the moderation team to delete the question. The user is informed about this. Meanwhile, the question is "hidden", meaning nobody can find it through the search box or find it in the page unless they contributed on it (questioned, answered, commented).

    Moderation team decides what to do. Not users.

    About answers and comments:

    Freely delete answers and comments.


    Now I'm not a dev of the page so you and the team decide how to manage it.
    Just part of the community.

  • Global Moderator

    @Aimarekin I hope by "moderation team" you don't mean staff members, because we wish for SH to be entirely managed by the community.

    By moderators I meant users with moderation permissions, which requires having over 200+ rep.

  • @Link150

    I was meaning staff members, but if you mean people with 200+ rep then It's ok to me.

  • Global Moderator

    @Aimarekin I don't think this is a good solution. In fact, questions shouldn't ever be deleted, and should all be kept for archival purposes.

    I understand your concerns, but the problem with your recommendation is it still encourages users who have found a solution to their problem themselves to make their question unavailable to others who just happen to have the same question, which is something we'd like to avoid.

    With the solution you recommend, if no moderators ever decide what to do with the question then it will remain hidden forever, which is not desirable.

    Instead, when a user finds a solution to their own problem they should write an answer on their own question. If the user realizes the question was stupid in the first place they should just leave a comment or answer to explain why. There is really nothing wrong with asking stupid questions from time to time.

    If we are to change the way deleting questions work, we should address both of these issues at once. The advantages of moderation claims is that while still allowing questions to be deleted if necessary, they would remain available to other users at least a little bit, until moderators judge it can be safely taken down.

  • @Link150 How about if a question gets answered and they go to delete it, prompt them with this message:

    Are you sure you want to delete this question? The question has (number of answers here) answer(s). If an answer helped, make sure to accept that answer.

    Something along those lines. Hopefully the asker feels somewhat sympathetic.

  • Then I guess the only solution I have to delete my question is to edit it and swear all over it. That way the community will sure take measures against the question.

  • @incapaz

    It's the solution remaining!

  • Global Moderator

    @Aimarekin Oh but we will take measures against the account as well.

  • Global Moderator

    @incapaz That's assuming they'll even read the message. We already have messages to suggest askers to accept answers and for answerers to upvote questions they reply to, but there's not much change.

    I think a moderation claim would really be the best option.
    Or maybe we could add both the prompt and claims, and the prompt would explain the deletion process.

    Keep in mind, though, that everything I've suggested up until now is not official (yet). I'm only throwing ideas around. I have not yet consulted the rest of the staff team concerning these changes.

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