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  • There needs to be a comment report button. Why, you ask? Because of this.
    I don't people to see that on my answer!!

  • @Zenith_Lord Not gonna lie it's quite scummy to say that. It is nature for an asker to accept an answer. Answers have been downvoted for broadness, and your answer was broad, so be careful. You could have explained that the script threw an error because you cannot directly concatenate objects.

    Edit: What they really need is a reply button for comments. When will I know someone replies to my comment on someone's question or answer?

  • @incapaz I only said that because often, I give an answer and the asker says, "Thanks! It worked!" but they don't accept my answer.

  • @Zenith_Lord It's their fault for being stupid. I understand you want reputation and credit for your answer. But you shouldn't force it.


    In that picture you're asking for an upvote and an answer. Asking for an upvote alone or an answer alone would suffice. Both give reputation.

  • I'm not forcing it. I didn't say "HEY IDIOT ACCEPT MY FRIGGIN ANSWER NOWWW!!!!1!!11!" Did I? Instead I gave them a simple reminder - "Hey, if this accepted your answer, you could accept it, y'know?"

    As for asking for an upvote, why does ScriptingHelpers say "If the question's good enough to answer, it's probably good enough to upvote"? Why not "If this answer's good enough to accept, it's probably good enough to upvote!"

  • @Zenith_Lord Because upvotes are really extra credit by the asker/other users. At least that's how I see it. Lengthy and in depth answers always get these. You get it if the answer was good, or just because someone feels like upvoting. As I have said here,

    Asking for an upvote alone or an answer alone would suffice. Both give reputation.

    I do hope you read that. You should be thankful you got something

    Not all answers are deserving of an upvote.

  • Well, with that mentality, ScriptingHelprs shouldn't say "If the question is good enough to answer, it's probably good enough to upvote!" If not every accepted answer needs an upvote (according to you) that popup shouldn't show either.

  • @Zenith_Lord D E S E R V I N G

  • MG same difference.

  • @Zenith_Lord not all answers deserve upvotes you know


  • I have no idea how every reply on this thread is not talking about the OP's idea - reporting comments should definitely be a feature. You can work-around it by reporting the user and linking to the page on which their comment exists, but it's not ideal.

  • @chess123mate there's a reason to why comment reporting doesn't exist

  • @incapaz Which is?

  • The real reason I created this thread was because of that "I love hentai" comment. I don't want people to see that on my answer!!!

  • @Zenith_Lord It wouldn't be there for no reason. I don't know the exact reason. The arrow points more to the "greedy boy" comment.

  • @Zenith_Lord So what if its there? They're just embarrassing themselves.

  • Global Moderator

    @chess123mate In the mean time you can report the answer itself and specifically mention in your report that some users have written inappropriate comments.

    Reports are read by human beings. We'll understand.

  • @Link150 So I would report my own answer?

  • @Zenith_Lord yes and state the comment. When you report an answer the comments get sent as well

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