Suggestion: Answer Moderation

  • This will work similar to question moderation, but for answers. The person who votes to moderate an answer will instead cast half of their claim weight. Let's say someone had 70 claim weight, they'd only cast 35 for answers. The reasons I'd like to see this is because you'll see an answer that has nothing to do with the question, or because they give code to requesters, or because it should have been a comment and they put it in an answer.

  • What's a claim weight?

  • @Houlardy642 When you have 200+ reputation, you're allowed to vote to moderate answers. Your claim weight is your reputation divided by 20, so 200 ÷ 20 = 10. The voter along with others can vote together to close an answer. You will cast 10 moderation points having 200 rep. This is your claim weight. Users with 2000+ reputation or staff can close questions on their own.

  • Global Moderator

    @incapaz Yep. And in my opinion being able to close questions entirely on your own is stupid. In the past we've had a fixed 100 claim weight limit for non-staff members and it worked perfectly. This was to ensure a single person could not close a question, say, out of hate or exaggeration, and that other moderators could decide whether the claim was valid and the question worth closing.

  • @Link150 ok. What about my suggestion??

  • Simple but sounds like an interesting system

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