Platforms Island Warfare is now in Beta Release!

  • Platforms Island Warfare has been in development for a couple years now and is finally in Beta Release! Beta Release means that the game is playable yet there are still things to be added and bugs to be fixed! DO NOT PLAY EXPECTING A FULLY-FINISHED GAME!! I would love some feedback at what I should add, or fix! My Dev team and I have been hard at work trying to bring something new to Roblox!
    --What is the point of the game?--
    The game randomly selects a map for players to fight on. Each round is 180 seconds long and intermission is 45 seconds. Also you can choose any weapon you want and jump right in!
    --It requires 2 players and i'm the only one in a server?--
    Invite your friends and battle! If none of your friends are online you can always go to the Platforms Group to play awesome minigames!
    --Upcoming Updates!--
    -I will be adding an obby in the lobby for players to do if they are waiting and can also earn some more Exp!
    -More Maps! The build team and I are hard at work designing cool maps for the game! There are 4 maps so far!
    -Tons of cool weapons! For Beta Release there are very few weapons but when the game is fully released there will be hundreds!

    Get a head start on the action by clicking the link below and playing the game! (I might even throw in an exclusive weapon for Beta Testers!

  • I've only been to the lobby but it seems pretty immersive so far; I'd suggest with the animations you should might as well force R15.

  • Thanks for the idea! Right now the weapons are only compatible but we will be doing tons more work on them. If you want you can invite one of your friends to play with you so you aren't stuck in the lobby.

  • @tawk1215

    cough cough

    That technique to get more players on your game

    cough cough

    (Not hating, just a silly joke)

  • @Aimarekin Sadly I've ran out of good techniques to get more players to play my games xD It always ends up back to Advertising :(

  • @tawk1215

    I mean the

    "Invite a friend to start the game!"

  • @Aimarekin Oh thats not technique. Thats just because it would be rather lame not being able to battle anyone.

  • @tawk1215

    I know, it was just a joke

  • Aimarekin.


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