"Workspace" No Longer Deprecated

  • The Workspace variable's no longer deprecated (as shown on its page and deprecated list), but studio says it's still deprecated. How come it changed from deprecated to un-deprecated?

  • @TheAlphaStigma It is a variable, not a keyword. They deprecated the BasePart.Color property before but then "un-deprecated" it. It's their platform they can do whatever they want with it. Just because it's deprecated doesn't mean they can't undo the deprecation. But it was deprecated because Roblox try to make their variables camelCase, whilst keeping properties and methods PascalCase (e.g. Instance:FindFirstChild()).

    Edit: I just read the page and those are for deprecated classes, not variables.

  • @incapaz Ok, made the correction. :D

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    @TheAlphaStigma if you haven't noticed, the page you've linked only mentions deprecated objects and members, but not global variables and functions. The title of page specifically says "Deprecated members".

    Roblox wants to enforce the use of PascalCase for object members (properties, methods, events, and callbacks), and camelCase for global variables and functions.

    game.Workspace has never been deprecated, hence why it's not listed.

    What is deprecated is Workspace and game.workspace. The latter is listed, but the former isn't because it's a global variable, and not a class member.

  • @Link150 Ah, ok. Thanks for the info. :) I'll make sure to remember this moving forward,

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