[REQUEST] Anyone Want to Take My Offer for Military Equipment?

  • @WilliamEdwin380

    No, I do not want to program for your game kthx.

  • @WilliamEdwin380 Pay me 50 dollars an hour and I will accept. Or if you don't have that kind of money, you can pay for my room and board and donuts every morning. Also a percentage of what you make from the game. Oh and a 5,000 signing bonus would be nice. Also does your office have free coffee and tea? Will you provide me with a high powered computer to program the game with(Also to do tests)? I will also need high speed internet and flexible hours. I am currently in college and am not free all the time. If a decent amount of these conditions can be met I will work for you. Oh and by the way, nobody believes your crap about lawyers and a worldwide group.

  • @Phlegethon5778 lol if he can't even afford one programmer where do you expect free donuts every morning?

  • @WilliamEdwin380 Stop asking everyone. They're going to reject the offer. You're offering the equivalent of nothing. NOTHING. NOTHING. N O T H I N G.


  • @WilliamEdwin380

    By the way, if you are "ready" to "dispatch" your "lawyers", tell me in which continent do I live. Don't worry, you have a 1 out of 5 chance of guessing, that's pretty high!

  • @WilliamEdwin380, you're already making your group look bad like this. Don't see why you even posted this.

  • @incapaz

    Hey, guess what? I finally made a start menu, so tell green and ImagineBlox to stop being mean to me, thanks.

  • @WilliamEdwin380 said in [REQUEST] Anyone Want to Take My Offer for Military Equipment?:

    [REQUEST] Anyone Want to Take My Offer for Military Equipment?

    Hello readers. I am looking for someone to script guns, the types will be shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, rifles, pistols, all that good stuff. What's also required is Kevlar armor, will protect our soldiers with 50%. We also need animations, including running and crouching animations, which will animate when a user pressed a certain key. Grenades, melee, and visible arms in first person. Aiming down sights scripts are also needed. Sorry for the long request. You will be paid with thankfulness from our group members. For privacy reasons, your identity will not be disclosed, meaning no credits can be given due to our rules. It is nothing I have control of.

    I am not longer your reader, people enough waiting for him to stop his ridiculous post, the only way to stop it. Is to moderate his post.

  • @WilliamEdwin380

    Nah, just nah. Why would we stop hating you? You have to credit us, and anyways, nah... I'm not joining your stupid group. Anyways.....Why should I?

    Like seriously'.

  • @DjMusa2 i have no control over them

  • @WilliamEdwin380 That's their fault for clicking it; that's like going to any comments section ever, clicking a "free robux" link, and complaining it doesn't work/your account got stolen. Plus, they'll get it anyways.

  • Global Moderator

    @WilliamEdwin380 We're already all laughing at you here for wanting to hire a programmer with nothing at all in return. You already look bad.

  • This is quite fun.

  • @WilliamEdwin380

    Stop trying to defend yourself. Honestly, if I had enough reputation, I'd moderate your post immidiatly. I also heard you spammed 5 times this question, so stop it.And yeah, We will not stop hating you, So delete your request and all your hate will be gone. It's a deal. I'd say yes, Not to make my reputation even worse. (Not meaning the points in scripting helpers, like meaning the real reputation.)

  • @DjMusa2 This post itself isn't violating the rules. It's funny what's being offered because nothing is being offered lol.

  • What do you mean????

  • @Link150 We are offering thankfulness. How is that nothing? And scripting helpers customer service sucks.

  • @WilliamEdwin380

    We are offering thankfulness.

    Yeah, that's totally enough for people to join in. :/ You're expecting people to make weapons for your clan with nothing but thankfulness in return for their service.

    As I've said before, OP is unrealistic and his "requests" are too.

    OP is still posting on other people's threads to hire them. 1 2:snack break comments
    He's also reposting other people's answers. 1 2

  • @TheAlphaStigma program for my group


  • @TheAlphaStigma wait he copied me!!!

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