Searching for a UI Artist

  • I am looking to hire a UI Artist to aid in the development of a new game. This game is currently in Alpha testing, and I have applied it for the 2019 Easter event. The games development team includes; a scripter(myself), a professional builder, and a well known animation artist.

    Application Link

    Current Development Team:
    EtherealTrin (Head Dev and Scripter)
    Stalkalek (Animator)
    weepinggamer (Head Builder)
    OmegaMoop (Guy who goofs off in the TC)

    Benefits of joining the team:
    A high chance of gaining steady profile traffic, including game traffic if any are owned.
    A fair share in income, which cannot be offered immediately.
    (If the application is accepted) A chance to gain the white banded red top hat, for taking part in the development of an event quest for Roblox.
    Working with a lenient, fun group of people who don't believe in short deadlines.

    We often take time to game together, and goof off for fun, so don't worry about having to be "professional" 24/7.

    Must have an example of your work, you may apply before having that example, but you are going to have to show us your skills eventually

    Must be able to finish (small) tasks within a month of being given them. If we feel like you are freeloading you'll be removed from the team, so make sure you can carry your weight on the team.

    Not much else, just dont leak game content and behave if we accept you /shrug

    Application Link (if you didn't see the first one)

    Additional Information
    Group Discord server

    Lead Developer's Discord

    Lead Developers Email
    [email protected]
    (ALT EMAIL: [email protected])

    Lead Developer's ROBLOX Account

  • And yes you will be credited.

  • @melissa666666girl can I help script it

  • We are still hiring btw for anyone wondering

  • This post is deleted!

  • @WilliamEdwin380 No, you are not going to find anyone who wishes to help scam themselves. Please do yourself and everyone else a favor, and stop spamming this question. Thank you.

  • @WilliamEdwin380

    William, stop trying to make people work for you. The only thing we're gonna get is thankfulness, please stop.

  • Hello, I'd want to say that this post is a post that I would always want to see, and if I could, I would script for you, but I am sorry I can't, atleast you won't pay us with thankfulness like the other guy did. Thank you for showing the example of posting a request, in the right way, I am really proud of finally seeing someone that has respect. Thank you, have a nice day.

  • @DjMusa2 Thank you for your kind comment, although we are not in need of any scripters at the moment. We just need a UI Designer to make the GUI's for the game, we will script those ourselves. Thank you though!

  • @EtherealTrin It is a pleasure, when I see someone do good, I tell them with happiness.

  • What kind of game will it be? Like horror, FPS, etc

  • Hello to everyone who may be viewing or following this topic, this reply marks the closure of our applications for the place of UI designer. Although, this does not mean the team will not be accepting more members, and may need a replacement down the road.

    If you are still interesting in aiding the development of our games, please keep an eye out for future posts made by I in this forum. We still lack a clothing designer, and several administration. We will also be open to accepting backup developers to take place of staff who are absent. If you feel you have skills that will benefit the team in any considerable way, you are welcome to apply.

    Although, your application is not guaranteed to be accepted. We will be considering several factors to ensure the safety of our staff and creations.

    Good luck everyone!

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