You can chat with many people & create group chats + Forum profile helping you!

  • Did you know that on the forum page, It is a total different thing then on the "home" page of Scripting Helpers? Well, if you don't, it's totally fine, you will know everything right now!

    First thing, You have a profile on the forum, it is NOT the same profile as your home page. Once you reply or post something on the forum, click your image and then re-click it.

    You will come to your forum's profile. You will see a grey background, and you will see @ (your username in caps)

    You will see how many cookies you have.

    What are cookies?

    Cookies aren't the cookies that's people use on sites, It is when somebody upvotes your comment/post/reply, You will receive a cookie. You can try to reach lot's of cookies!

    How can I follow somebody on the forum?

    It is simple. All you have to do is to click on the persons icon, then you will come to their profile and you will see their icon and you will see a +. Click the + and you will now be following this person!

    How can I edit my profile?

    You will see 3 "..."vertical or horizontal then you y will have options click the option edit profile and you will be able to edit your profile!

    You are able to chat and make group chats with anybody!

    On the forum, You will have a notification (a bell), that will tell you each time you receive a notification, wich means each time somebody upvoted your reply, comment, topic each time somebody replied, and things like that.
    Next to it, you will have. A chat bubble. Click th chat bubble, and then you will click on mark All chats read or the thing down and then you will be able to add a person an de to create group chats!

    How can I create group chats?

    First thing, add a person to a chat with you. Then, you will see settings then click settings and it will say add new user click on add new user then enter username and you are done!

    I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial. I hope you will enjoy having a nice profile and being able to chat.

    You can also change background image in your profile. By clicking the grey background

  • Good brief tutorial, however IMO it should be under the tutorial sub-forum

  • Mmmh, right.

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