Peace is what everybody likes

  • Maybe some of you are experiencing fights with people, it always happen. Note that if a fight starts, don't make it worse. Just calm down and don't talk to this person for a while, just say "Sorry", and then everything is fixed.

    If they don't want to accept your excuses, then we will let it be. Maybe our replys down below could be all our "Sorrys" to all people we made feel bad. Like this Scripting Helpers can stay a harmonical place!

  • First thing', Sorry about rude comments, Sorry to people I made feel bad, and hopefully we live in peace!

  • @DjMusa2 This should be in commons lol.

  • Really? Lol. Didnt know.

  • @DjMusa2

    I was mad with my teacher because she makes me copy the excercises' statements. She never apologized. But if I tried to ask her to apologize she would sure send a note in my agenda for my parents.


  • @Aimarekin Poor you.:(

  • This post is deleted!
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