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  • I think that it would be a good idea for scripting helpers to block a question from being asked if it does not contain a codeblock. The scripting helpers website is named scripting helpers for a reason. Questions that do not pertain to scripting would be blocked by default and no question will contain non codeblocked code. This would be a huge benefit to those of us answering questions. Readability would go up immensely. It also might prevent request questions and Roblox questions unrelated to scripting. Thanks for reading!

  • i just say use code blocks pls lol

  • @Phlegethon5778

    This is a proper question that doesn't use a codeblock.

    Scripting questions don't need to have a codeblock.
    Some may, for example, bugs you're unable to solve, or not, as asking how to do something, if there's documentation on it.

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    @Aimarekin Even for bugs you're unable to solve, you should be providing your current code. Answerers can't help if you don't provide at least some code.

    But yes, there are definitely questions that do not require code blocks;
    what Mega likes to call "concept questions".

    "Concept questions" are allowed, and are different from requests in that they do not require the user to write a full script for the asker, only to explain an unclear or misunderstood topic.

  • @Link150 Maybe for concept they should be required to provide some script to show how their concept sort of plays out. Or you could have a button you press that says you are asking a concept question(this would not be ideal because people would just post their requests this way). But I feel there should at least be some sort of example script included with the concept question.

  • @Link150

    I didn't say anything about no codeblocks if you have a bug.

    In fact I did say there should be codeblocks when having bugs

    Some may (include cobeblocks), for example, bugs you're unable to solve

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    @Aimarekin My bad. I misread.

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    @Phlegethon5778 There is no need for a change. The system is already perfect as it is.

    What we need is our users to understand how Q&A websites work.

  • @Link150 That would be really nice. I do agree that the system is perfect how it is. However, it is not the system that is the problem but the people. Is there a way to pop up a notification saying to use a codeblock if one is not in their question and they are under a certain rep? I just would like to see questions better formatted in the future. I also was hoping to prevent a large portion of the requests we get on this website. I don't know about you but I find it singularly annoying when they say something like "I know this is against the rules but" or "I am new to this website and am not sure this follows the rules" and then go on to request a script. There has got to be a way to prevent this kind of thing. Maybe make it a requirement to read the rules or something. There needs to be more clarity on how to post good questions, what constitutes a request(and why it is not allowed), and proper tools usage so we can see the code in a readable way. I hope you can understand what I am getting at here. I feel there is room for improvement. I have been on the website for a little while and understand the rules clearly. someone new however, would not have that kind of clarity upon first joining.

  • I am fine with the way it is, that's what the comments are for. As much as people who don't use code blocks, I see others remind them nicely to include code and they respond to that.

    I think the forums are a good place to ask concept questions

  • @Link150 Moderation voters (200+ rep) should be allowed to edit questions, but with its limits. Like non-staff can only edit _ questions in _ time? And maybe other limits. I understand why OP made this thread, and maybe this could help in a way. And a reminder to use a codeblock as OP said would be great.

    @Phlegethon5778 how will this question blocking work without any false positives? And as Link said, what about concept questions? If it won't be some algorithm this can be disregarded.

    Bad questions (script requests, hire requests, etc) tend to get downvoted a lot, so maybe hide a question if it has _ downvotes? Maybe this could be the "question blocking" (also with limits).

    Oh and what about the answers? Let's not forget about those. People tend to post what should be comments, in the answers, those are a problem too.

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    @incapaz Questions and answers that are downvoted already go down and leave place for better ranked questions/answer.

  • @Link150 Those are answers. Questions don't

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    @Phlegethon5778 Whatever we do there's always going to be a considerable portion of our users misusing the website to make requests or ask bad questions featuring either too much or no code at all.

    We've already given some thought to these ideas in the past. If we force users to read through the rules before posting anything they'll just skip through them like everyone always does. If we add a reminder, it will be ignored.

  • @Link150 I see now. Oh well. What do you think of this idea? It would be helpful at the very least. I understand the dilemma. It is too bad that you cannot have a perfect algorithm that blocks specific things that violate the policy of this website. If only that were a reality. Lol not gonna happen.

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    @Phlegethon5778 Yes, I saw this post yesterday and brought it up to eryn. I think it's a very good idea.

  • @Link150 awesome

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    @incapaz Yes, questions also. But it might take more downvotes before they get pushed down.

    Or at least it should be the case.

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