Expand on the "ghost text" in 'Ask Question'

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    I'm sure the 'Discussion, Suggestions, and Ideas' category will continue to be filled with, "block dumb people from asking", types of posts. Heck, hardly any of them have been suggestions or a thought out idea. Therefore I'll make this post to rest my case on how easily it could be done. How easy? It's already done. Just expand on it.

    I'm talking about when a person goes over to "Ask a question" page and sees the "Ghost text" or template that disappears after the person starts typing something in. Right now it's a generic "Expand your problem and how you tried to fix it". Well how about it says something on the basics to formatting code. Even maybe give tips on what should be included:


    Even the title of posts could use this. The amount of times i've seen posts with "[URGENT HELP NOW] how to not have to use filtering enabled?". Titles and post description should follow a Problem->Attempt->Reason type of flow.

    I admit to skip many questions that the OP gives 50+ lines of code for you to look through without letting us know what it's supposed to do. I feel like those asking questions should also be forced to preview their post. I haven't asked a question in a while but I know you don't need to preview when answering.

    I wonder how many people realize they can edit their post too.

  • @xPolarium you're a legend.

  • @xPolarium Thank you so much for clarifying on this. I love the idea and fully support it.

  • @xPolarium

    100% support

  • @xPolarium Support :100:.

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