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  • I think that Scripting Helpers should add a 'Sponsored Questions' tab because sometimes when you post a question, depending on your time zone (or some other reasons) you never get a reply or a vote

    How the tab should work is that a person can go to a question they want to sponsor and click a sponsor button. The sponsored tab should have about ten questions. If there is no vacancy in the sponsored tab, instead of just the player having to time their sponsoring right, they get put into a waiting list. Each sponsored question should stay on the sponsored tab for about 30 minutes (but that's what I think the time should be)

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    @HiImJeffreyy That's an interesting idea. Not sure about the 30 minutes limit, though. If the question only stays visible for 30 minutes max then we end up with the same problem again: eventually questions will drown in a sea of newer questions and never get answered.

  • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    Not a bad idea anyway

  • @Link150 Adding onto that (not sure if this might help with that) if nobody is in the waiting list and someone's sponsored question has gone through 30 minutes, it stays there until someone else comes. Once someone else comes, the person who sponsored their question the earliest gets knocked off the list and replaced with the person who just came.

    Though, the 30 minute time limit might be too much or too little, I don't know

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