Is there a way to be part of the moderation team?

  • Hey, is there anywhere where we could apply to be a ScriptingHelpers mod?

    If not, are requests closed or you simply pick them by yourselves/are close friends?

    Thanks :3

  • @Aimarekin you automatically become a moderation voter at 200 rep. you're already at 200 rep, why are you asking to be something you already are

    if you mean staff then idk. ask someone from staff i don't know

  • @Aimarekin try sending email for more info

  • @incapaz or join the discord

  • @incapaz

    The contact is inactive rn and the Discord... Well, will see.

  • Global Moderator

    As incapaz pointed out, moderators are not staff members. Anyone can be a moderator, as long as they acquire 200+ reputation.

    Moderators are users that have the power to put a claim and vote for the closing of a question. Once you reach 200 reputation, a new "moderation" button will appear at the bottom of questions, next to the "report" button. Selecting it will let you choose a moderation claim from a drop-down menu.

    For the question to be closed, the moderation claim must reach a total of 100 "claim points".

    When a moderator votes for or opens a new moderation claim, they will deal a certain number of points on that claim. The exact amount of claim points dealt is dependent on the moderator's reputation (as of right now, it is 1/20th of the user's reputation). You can see exactly how many points you can deal by looking at the "claim weight" statistic of your profile page.

    It's important to note the difference between "moderators" and "community moderators". The former are regular users, the latter is a staff rank.

    To become a member of the staff you must apply during a hiring period. We'll usually post a blog article whenever we're hiring.

    You have the best chance of being hired during a hiring period, but you can always ask a Super Administrator outside of hiring periods.

  • @Link150

    Okay! Thanks!

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