I am not lazy, I just have a lot I gotta do. You do not need to script the jet, I have that covered. All I need are actual jets. I want sleek accurate models. You can anchor or not anchor them it does not matter. I will give a list of jets I want that you can choose from. I WILL pay you for every jet you make me, but do not expect pre-payments (no scamming). Here are the facts...
.Payment PER jet created: 250 to 1000 robux (depending on how well you did, if you use a free model or make a trash model,
you get no payment)
JETS to choose from:

. F-22A Raptor (Make the model one seated) SIZE 1
. F-35A Lightning II (Make the model one seated) SIZE 1
. C-17A Globemaster III (Make the model 16 seated, 2 in the cockpit and 14 in the back) SIZE 2
. F-15 Eagle (Make this model seated) SIZE 1
. Sukhoi Su-30 (Make this model two seated)(look at images for seat arrangements) SIZE 1
. Sukhoi Su-35S (Make this model one seated) SIZE 1

I made a model I will link for you to get a sense of scale on what I am looking for in size, this is so you do not make a crazy massive or small plane.
Use this model to scale your planes. Reply to this post or message me if you have more questions or if you want to help. For those who have agreed to work on other projects I asked for help with, this is priority number one so focus on this. Thanks