Blackhawk' Space Lab Development Team [HELP REQUIRED!]

  • Today, i'd like to collab with some people (people that want to help, and don't really want paid), as of 29/09/2018. Firstly, PM me on roblox, username and how good you are at scripting, building, etc. Second, ill link you (or go to it) to my group, to join. Then ill rank you to a developer and we can get building/scripting.

    My name is intepcs on roblox, contact me there.

    I'm requiring atleast 1 - 2 scripters (average to expert), and 1 builder (average to expert).

    Complete Game,
    Reach 500 visits,
    Make members,
    Get Milestone,
    Complete game, and we are done.

  • I usually disagree with this type of collab requests, but what do you need help with?

    I'm asking since average to expert can be subjective, and if the task is really simple i'd help

  • @GamingOverlord756 Its just with building and some scripting. However if you find it too hard you don't need to do the scripting/building.

  • what game are u making

  • wait are you that guy who made a r2da server, because i was playing that server and the creator was playing on that server
    and he was called ChronoFantastic?

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • @Bowser_Films You need a bit more experience before taking on a job.

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