Block "works in studio, but not in game" questions.

  • It's a very common question, but also very annoying.

    We have these people who know nothing about the client-server model asking these. There could be a blacklist for titles, anything containing "works in studio" or some pattern thereof could be blacklisted.

  • I think the forum should really encourage people to search up questions similar to theirs first, too many similar questions being asked repeatedly, maybe if their title is similar to other questions the website can warn them that a similar question might exist before they post their question

  • @aazkao yeah I agree. The links need to be in plain sight, and they're not

  • @incapaz

    Disagree, aren't these scripting questions?

  • @Aimarekin :face_palm:

    the question has been asked to hell and people continue to not know!

  • @incapaz

    Of course they should do research but what's the problem in linking this wiki article and getting free rep?

    I mean helping others, of course.

  • I like the similar question thing.. when you post your question, a box will show up with similar questions as an option, or make the decision final to post it. You're not penalized in any way regardless on what option you choose.

  • Global Moderator

    @aazkao The problem with that is that questions on SH tend to be too specific, and so the answers are too.

    But otherwise that's how a Q&A website is supposed to be used.

  • Global Moderator

    @incapaz I know, right? We even wrote a blog article about exactly that a long time ago.

  • What about video tutorials?

  • @Link150 Define "too specific". I don't see a problem with questions being specific to what is going on, or an answer explaining what went wrong with the OP's question.

    What is better, someone who just dumps their code into the question without an explanation as to what is going on or someone being "too specific"?

  • Global Moderator

    @incapaz Specific questions (and answers) are not constructive.

    Q&A websites exist first and foremost for you to search up an answer to your question before asking it yourself.

    With questions being too specific, the chances that other users will search for the exact same question and find an answer to their problem are very slim, which encourages them to post more specific questions, and so on and so forth.

    In the end we end up with hundreds of questions like "what's wrong with my code?", "my flying script doesn't work help?", "how do I make a flying script?", "what is the most efficient way to do this?" that doesn't help anyone apart from the OP, where a single generic question about BodyMovers could have helped.

    Don't get me wrong, providing extra details about your own personal setup is fine, but users should make an effort to keep the bulk of their question as generic as possible, so to help additional users and not only the OP.

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