Script that finds out how long a download will take.

  • This is useful for when dowloading xbox/ps games or DLCs.

    --// This is simple math where you can find how long a download will take.
    --[[ You must know the following:
    Your Download Speed
    Where the download is at [Must be in Megabytes]
    The max storage for that download

    local mbs = 15 -- Your Download Speed
    local now = 0 -- The Megabytes it's at in the download now
    local max = 12288 --The storage in Megabytes the game/dlc takes up

    --// Simple math ;)
    local firstStep = (max - now)
    local secondStep = (firstStep * mbs)
    local thirdStep = (secondStep / 60)
    local forthStep = (thirdStep * 8)
    print('There is ' ..forthStep.. ' seconds remaining')
    print('There is ' ..math.floor(forthStep / 60).. ' minutes remaining')

  • I don't understand. What would this be used for? Could you give examples? I'm curious.

  • how would this help in Roblox?

  • Well, if you are downloading a xbox or playstation game, you can find out how long that download will take.

  • @FiredDusk

    1. How does that affect Roblox in any way
    2. Seems like a bit much to find your download speed and the size of the download
    3. XBOX has a built-in download estimator which works fairly well
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