Comments as Accepted Answers.

  • It happens all the time.

    I go to see a question that has 0 answers, only to find out that the question was in fact answered; but in the comments.
    I understand you can use the answer box to answer a question but if the fix is very simple (e.g. accidentally spelt workspace as workspac) it can be answered in the comments.
    They answered the question; they should be getting credit and reputation for it. Short answers like this...

    ...tend to get downvoted. If this becomes a feature answers that should be comments (like just giving links) will stay as comments while still being able to get credit.

    Currently the only way an asker can show gratitude for the comment is by upvoting it, and comment upvotes are only 1 reputation. And to show that the question was in fact answered the OP needs to update the title with [Solved] and that's been the only solution for questions answered in the comments.

  • Global Moderator

    @incapaz No need. If a comment helped solve the problem then the asker can politely tell the commenter to write a proper answer so they can accept it.

    Comments are meant to be comments, and will remain as such.

  • @Link150 Not everyone is like that. Lots of askers are users who ask one question and then leave for a very long time.

  • @incapaz

    And that's why we should can @ people!

  • @Aimarekin I want that

  • @incapaz


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