Decal Display Issues on Mobile?

  • So, with my meshes from Blender, I have used decals to make them have more feel, more texture, more realism. And they appear alright on PC and other devices, but with phones and mobile, the decals look blurred on some sides (not all). It should be noted that there are only a couple decals for each side for the meshes I’ve made. I’m afraid my photos are over the data limit for this post, so try to visualize it. Does anyone know why this issue may occur? This might be an odd post for the forums, but as it’s not a scripting question, I decided to ask it here.

  • @robloxknight2000

    Maybe It's because of your phone limitations? idk

  • Could be, but I don’t think that’s the problem, as it still has the same issue on the iPad that I just bought a few moths ago. ;-;

  • @robloxknight2000

    It's probably (sure) Roblox rendering, there's nothing you can really do

  • @robloxknight2000 Have you tried using a SurfaceGui combined with a ImageLabel instead of a decal?

  • @TheAlphaStigma
    Good idea. I’ll try it out later.

  • @TheAlphaStigma awesome

  • Alright I found my issue. I completely forgot about textures. Oof. FIxed it btw.

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