Free Models

  • is it okay to sometimes use a Free Model?
    what about Kits?
    if i can't make my own scripted gun, is it okay to use a gun kit?
    i use this one (omg bullet physics :DDD)

    so, will be a problem using it?

  • @FullMetalEdward45221 Yes and no isit okay. Free model scripts are often very old, and therefore contain deprecated items (items that should not be used in new work), contain bad practices, or are malicious. Script everything yourself, refer to the roblox wiki if you don't understand a topic. Ask constructive questions on the site if you're confused on something.

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    In theory it's alright to reuse existing code and not have to reinvent the wheel yourself. In fact, one should prefer to reuse code written by others to avoid wasting time, but as incapaz pointed out, free models can be quite old and often feature very badly written scripts.

    For this reason it is best, in practice, for you and your team to write everything on your own.

    There's also the issue of the negative connotation that comes from using free models. By using some bits of code from other users, your team is likely to be called out for not knowing how to script these models by themselves, and your game for featuring free models. Games that make use of free models generally tend to get very unpopular, or even infamous.

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