Murderer Vs Sheriff Tournament

  • So I've been working on a 1v1 Tournament game based off the Murder Genre. Players will be selected to fight, and randomly given a knife or a gun. They must defeat all of their opponents and be the last one to win the game. If you'd like to try out my game, here's the link

    Needs 2 Players to start a round

  • Is this really a 'Cool Creation' showcasing the game or are you only trying to hire for development? Put this on 'Collaboration Requests' category if the latter.

    I'd like to include my own feedback for your game anyways:

    First issue you should address is the minimum players required to start a round. Why 8? Not to be a buzzkill, but no one is playing your game right now. Put it at 2 because it isn't hard for someone to tell a friend to join them, and the mechanics of this game won't get hindered by having just 2 players going head to head.

    Second, I was only in the game until I finished typing this out but you have the same song on repeat. I like the song a lot, but I don't want to hear it on repeat and it getting ruined for me.

    Next, your UI work is simple (Left bar needs some work fixing) but the shop and inventory menus are inconsistent. First, you should make it so that when you open one, any currently opened menu should close. You should also make the look of the menus more consistent. Why is the close out button (the 'x' button) on different sides? The images on the inventory menu are also larger compared to the images on the shop menu. Kinda makes you move your head back/forward to adjust to the change (At least on my monitor).

    Pretty much all I can take away from a first impression. Didn't play a round... since I couldn’t alone. Also don't care if it's another Revolver+Knife game. Just seeing a game being worked on is cool enough. Good job so far and please try addressing these things.

  • alright thanks for the feedback! I set it at 8 from 2 so 2 people can't just join and grind coins super easily, since you get a lot from coming in 1st. I've set it to 2 now in case if you or anyone else want to test the gameplay out. And I'll definitely work on improving the GUI and it's consistency. Thanks for pointing these issues out!

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