Rope Constraint Doesnt Works With Characters? Am I the only one?

  • Hey, I made a rope shooter script. Everything works. I can shot and release the rope.
    The problem is my character gets stuck midair.

    I was wondering if anyone else had that problem? Is it a roblox bug? The rope wont move the character, but with parts it works perfectly.

  • @HeyItzDanniee I don't think this is a suggestion for scripting helpers or is it...

  • @incapaz I dont think its a scripting isuue since I saw some videos of people actually managing to swing with rope constraints, I see it as a discussion. Also, I once made something similar (just couldnt destroy the rope) and I could swing. I have no idea where can I talk about it since its not a scripring problem so I thought asking here if I am the only one with that "bug".

  • @HeyItzDanniee But im saying this subforum is for scripting helpers discussion about the site. Like site feature requests would be an example of a thread that should go here.

  • @incapaz The subforum's description is "A place to talk about all thing Scripting Helpers and to submit your ideas for the website". This doesn't relate to scripting helpers neither is it an idea for the website. At least I hope not.

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