How do you, builders, build a huge landscaped and add so much details to it such as roads, houses.. ect..?

  • Did you ever see these huge RP maps, that lead to different places? So, I am trying to make a World War II map, but I fail. Everytime I try to make big landscape with details on it like houses and stuff.. I fail.
    I am good at making detailed small builds like furniture. But I cant make a big landscape to make the map.

    So I was wondering how do you manage to build something this big, without just giving up..? because I always give up when it just wont work out for me..

  • its called patience.

  • @HeyItzDanniee games like Jailbreak use blender for building stuff, and other games use blender or possibly other 3D modelling software and that's where the detail comes in. You could with normal roblox parts but it would be a bit more laggy.

  • @incapaz I am not a builder but I assume it would be a bit quicker on a 3D modelling software, you're probably using roblox parts. those would take a bit longer

  • They are skilled

  • Practice to get better. Some games may take up to a year to complete the building portion. It won't easily be done in a week.

  • @HeyItzDanniee Incapaz is right. Blender is great for building meshes such as special parts for a car, a patch of grass that looks realistic, etc. so if you are looking for great mesh-building tools to help you build parts that aren't buildable with Roblox Studio, Blender and other mesh-building software applications are great. But this is not always the case. If you are trying to build simple blocky trees, buildings, etc. then you should use Roblox tools, because they are great at building blocky objects and buildings. And remember this: Roblox also has options like negate where you can build simple mesh parts. But I only suggest using negate, union and separate in cases where you are building SIMPLE meshes, not complex ones. And let me give you some building advice: If you want to build great architectural builds, you need to go deep in detail. don't just build a table, build objects to go on it. Don't just build a transparent block for a window, put some window shields. Going deep in detail usually captures the player's attention and lets them now that you are a great, architectural master. It is not just detail that you need to worry about. It is also design. Make sure that your object, building, or whatever else you are doing is interesting to look at. Don't build a building with plain walls; add various rows of color onto them. Don't just have a boring one-colored plastic floor. Add some marble black and white tiles to fancy the place up! These are just a few suggestions for building great architectural builds.

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