Please, stop answering in the comments.

  • It's very common, but also very annoying.
    Everytime I see a question with 0 answers, I click it and find out it has been already answered, but in the comments.

    If you want to answer the question, why not use the Answer box?

  • Lol. I don't find this annoying. Maybe it's just me.

    The way I see it, if you post an answer in the comments it's your loss. You're losing out on rep you could have gained. While the asker is also losing out on rep, they gain knowledge.

    If it's a really simple question like not using a lowercase for wait(), as an example, that would be really easy to answer in the comments, and an full answer might not be worth writing for some people. Myself, I like my answers to only be things that are harder, and that can be explained more deeply than just, "Wait() should be wait()".

    But I understand what you mean, and people should post answers in the answers. I would say a bigger problem is people posting comments as answers.

  • Well, but what's the problem in writing "Wait() should be wait()" as an answer?
    If it solves the question, there is no problem in being short or direct.

    The problem is that this habit kills the Unanswered tag, or the X answers label and makes it difficult to find questions that actually need answers.

  • @Tesouro I think a question gets asked every 1-2 hours. It's very very easy to find a question that doesn't have an answer. This only makes it slightly easier if it does make it easier at all.

    I've been on the site for a while, and I've noticed nothing wrong with this. Maybe you've seen it once or twice in a week. It doesn't happen often, that I've noticed.

  • Some questions just are so simple that they can be fixed with one comment, it is up to the owner of the question to update the title with [Answered] ect

  • @OldPalHappy
    Just check the Unanswered tag in homepage, all 0 answers.

    But what's the matter of inserting that same piece of text you would comment in the answer? And it's a lot easier to accept an answer, getting the check mark, rather than changing the title.

    I may sound grumpy, but I think it breaks many functions the site has and it becomes just a regular forum.

  • @Tesouro It does depend on the question but sometimes I do not feel that the question requires and points, I like to give point to ppl that show they have learned instead of I fixed it give me points. A lot of these questions I can fix but this would not benefit me or the question owner if I just posted, here is the fixed code or something.

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    For me, I see comments as a way to post theories as to what is actually going wrong.

    You've got people that don't post full code or are otherwise jerks on the website in the end. I find the comments to be a safe place to explain a problem and the steps to fix that problem. If that solution does work, then you just blew that rep. If the suggestion doesn't work, I don't believe you are able to get any downvotes to your comments.

    Answers I find to be an area where you are sure of your solution. Comments are when you want to have the grey area filled in and provide suggestions as to what is going wrong.

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    Also, with answers that are very short, from my experience, some people will downvote that answer.

  • Global Moderator

    @Tesouro No. Comments are meant just for that, commenting. They're meant for people who don't have a full answer to give; who aren't sure if their solution would work; or to quickly point out little details such as improper capitalization, usage of deprecated features, and general bad practices while not being a full answer to a question.

  • Ok, I recognize the value of the comments, I never said they weren't useful.
    My point is that they're replacing answers and breaking some site functions.

    While it looks like this doesn't bother any of you, I'd like to suggest implementing two features:

    • Add the option to select commentaries as Accepted Answers
    • Place a "X comments" label too

    These should be enough to solve this (in my point of view) problem.

    Thank you.

  • Administrators

    There is an option where if a user updates their question title to include [Solved] it will mark the question as answered.

  • @M39a9am3R
    Yeah, that's the ultimate solution ¬¬

  • If the answer is simple enough to answer in a comment, I don't think there's any problem with leaving a quick comment. As an example, if someone's entire problem was that they misspelled "workspace", I think leaving a comment to inform them would suffice.

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