Made a cool Desert Deagle 44. My first gun creation. What do ya`ll think?

  • My very first gun view model that I made with animations. Going to work on reloading, shooting and everything else. In the meanwhile I did an idle (breathing) animation and gun review animation. :D

  • @HeyItzDanniee

    It looks great.

  • looks cool, how did you make the animation? just wondering...

  • @abnotaddable Sorry for the late reply lol, this is a viewmodel that's welded to the player`s camera. The animations were made using the Animation Editor and the viewmodel is a rig with a root part. It also has a humanoid allowing it to run the animation.

  • @HeyItzDanniee the heck how do y'all get the animation editor working. Mine is just permanently stuck on this:
    No matter what I do, it could even be a valid rig!


    Otherwise, pretty cool gun animation.

  • @Cvieyra2test I KNOW RIGHT like the animation editor use to be so good it would work perfectly and now if I try to make an animation it is so hard roblox should change it back say "I" if you think they should change it back

  • @HeyItzDanniee nice man I like it it would be great for a first person shooter game. the only problem is that you will have to rival phantom forces and they are NOT messing around

  • @DominusInfinitus Thanks man!

  • @Cvieyra2test The rig is supposed to have a primary part of the character (like a root part). Simply go to the The rig (model, maybe the FPS arms like I had) - Properties - PrimaryPart - You will need then click on the RootPart you made. Now motor6D's. You can download a plugin that can make Motor6D creating for you easier.
    Just select the part u want a motor6D to be inside it, select another one and thats it. You'r rig should hold everything. If you're making what I made you probably have arms. So you hook those arms to the rootpart.. the rootpart has a Motor6D that like "welded" to them.
    Motor6D'S can get removed if you move things around sometimes so do be careful.

    Then all what is left to do is also hook all the gun parts. Mag, Bolt, Handle. For example:
    RightHand has a Motor6D for the Handle of the gun.
    The Mag and the Bolt have a Motor6D for the handle.
    In the animations editor it will include enything thats hooked up with a Motor6D.. if your gun is hooked to the arm then if you move that arm in the animation editor - the gun will move with it cuz it has that Motor6D you added.

  • Don't use the ROBLOX editor primarily, instead use the moon animation suite editor (i think thats what it's called).
    You should use the ROBLOX editor for a bit, so when you get a feel for animation, you can move to MAS. It has many different easing styles rather than just "Linear," and even more easing styles if you use the "easing sub-plugin." Every animator that wants to make a good animation with flow and allow true life to come into their characters, they should use an advanced animation editor such as MAS, and not a simple one like the ROBLOX editor.

    P.S. Inverse Kinematics is coming soon. Kek

  • @HeyItzDanniee Trust me, I've researched that kind of stuff. I know about the importance of rootpart, that parts have to be unanchored, that there has to be Motor6D's and all that stuff. I actually became so desperate that I started researching how to manually rotate Motor6D's. The plugin just doesn't work for me, it's completely broken.

    @Fifkee Downloading it now, but if it does work, you're a life-saver! I've been wanting to attempt animation/posing again but the Roblox animator is broken for me.

  • @Cvieyra2test I think it has to have a Humanoid.

  • @Void_Frost I have that too, I have every thing necessary and it still broke

  • @Void_Frost 'Cause watch this:
    o- NVM




    Whilst trying to create a pose, I discovered I couldn't copy it properly. So... Being me, I thought that I should delete the joints, that worked...

    But it broke the plugin and I couldn't close it...

  • Lmfao u got it

  • @HeyItzDanniee aaaa and I've been dealing with that issue for like a million years, Roblox really needs to word their animation editor better!
    To like:
    "To select a rig to animate, click in the middle of it or in its torso area"

  • @Cvieyra2test Ikr.. for noobs like you ;)
    Jk fr tho some people dont know it so I agree about adding that.

  • @HeyItzDanniee idk I knew it before lol

    How Roblox updates ruin everything

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