Looking for Site Director(s) for an SCP:F Site

  • Me and my friend are making a game relating to a specific genre called the SCP genre on ROBLOX. We're both builders (not good builders) so we have no scripters. We are looking for a scripter who can do the following:

     Create scripts for SCPs, ranging from beginner to advanced scripting.
     Script Site essentials (I.E alarms, radio system, tesla gates, etc.)
     Create a working team selection GUI
     Do any other minor things that may arise in the future.

    Send a friend request to swift#5674 and we can negotiate prices per script.

  • sure i'll do it, sent a req

  • Global Moderator

    That's not a genre, lol. The genre would be horror.

  • I could help, couldn't add due to name change but yea, I could help with site essentials, team selection and minor things, maybe a bit of SCP scripting.

  • @Link150 Well, anything can be a genre. There are a lot of SCP games (Secure Contain Protect) so it wouldn't really be bad to say it is a genre. Is it a genre in Roblox? No. Can it potentially BE a genre? Yes.

  • @DominusInfinitus Do you know what a genre is?

  • @TheAlphaStigma Yes. A genre is a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter. SCP can count as a genre, because it can count as a category. It has attributes that you can match to other games and see if they connect somehow. Lets take an FPS for example. These are some attributes that are primary to have one: First person mode(No zooming out), Guns, melee, and similar weapons, et cetera et cetera et cetera. So, if FPS attributes are like this, then SCP attributes would be characteristics of SCP games.

  • @DominusInfinitus Genre tree (made this a while back. obviously this isn't the complete tree but here's a chunk of it)

    Horror --> SCP
    --> Haunted places
    --> Murder animatronics

  • @GamingOverlord756 Nice tree. I can see how SCP falls in. But even though SCP falls under horror, it has many other genres and it is not all about horror. It can also be about adventure. What I am saying is, you can make a genre out of ANYTHING. Even an atom.

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