Platforms Pre-Alpha [Test it now!]

  • Hi Robloxians!
    Platforms is a new game that is soon to be released in Alpha on Platforms is a singleplayer oriented, linear, cartoon-styled game with lot's of cool features. The Dev Team (consisting of 12 people and counting) Have been working very hard to ensure a quality game for you all!

    But we can't do it without your help!
    Below is the link to the Platforms Pre-Alpha Version Game! You can play it and give us feedback either here or in the Official Platforms Group!

    Take a look at the game Description to see what will soon be added!
    Thank you for all your support! Have fun and keep Platforming!

  • Wow, great job so far. I really like it. I am kind of bothered that I cannot move my angle of view at all. A few inches to the left and right would be nice. Also, some of the randomized generations should be a little more difficult to get to, especially as time goes on. As for levels, it is not really clear where they start and end. Do you respawn where you died? Also, I think some more variety in the platform types, moving side to side, visible/invisible, up and down, etc. would be nice. Otherwise, great start, and I cannot wait to see what this evolves into.

  • @Phlegethon5778 The game goes on infinitely. There is no start or end the goal of the game is to get as much EXP, Coins, and Levels as possible to unlock tons of cool colors, textures, trails, and more! Also the camera is like that to prevent cheating and to keep players on a set track. We have a team dedicated entirely on variety and diverseness. Here are some of the things they are working on:
    -Moving Platforms (Vertical and Horizontal)
    -Quicksand Platforms (Sinking)
    -Sticky Platforms
    -Fake Platforms
    -And Tons More!
    (We are hoping on adding these in before the game is released into alpha!)
    Thank you for your feedback!

  • Completely honest feedback

    Good things

    1. nice concept and feels smooth to play

    2. looks very nice, I like the movement and loading of new terrain

    3. I love the concept that the platforms rotate you off when you don't move


    Bad things (I know it's pre-alpha and not everything is done yet, this is just feedback)

    1. Like @Phlegethon5778 said, because you can't rotate it feels very weird, additionally, my mouse gets stuck when I press the right mouse button (which is a build-in-feature that you can disable.)

    2. It's quite anoying that you don't immidially die when falling, having to see the skybox is pretty weird (as is falling trough a floor)

    3. Being AFK isn't possible due to you falling of (and there aren't any checkpoints I found)


    Overall a very well made game that I'd love to play when it gets released

  • @RedcommanderV2 Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate you pointing out the non-immediate death and we will definitely look into creating a more smooth approach to that. Screen GUI on Death perhaps? We are working on a way for AFK to be possible given the way the system is created. We will look into the Stuck Mouse bug and see what I can do.

    Thank you for your feedback!

  • @tawk1215 I think you should just automatically teleport them back with no delay. Also, you can stand on some blocks on the side.

  • @hiimgoodpack Thanks for the idea! I will work on that soon!

  • @tawk1215 We added a new feature! Double Jump can be used to jump over trick platforms! Double Press the spacebar to double jump!
    (We also added two Quicksand Platforms to the game) Tell me what you guys think!

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