Wide chat in game! How can I fix it?

  • When I play my game my chat is very wide. How can I fix this? !0_1544889613664_upload-749d2a4d-1684-457b-9576-980773596d45

  • you should update the chatscripts (just delete everything in chat)

  • The way I fixed it is take all the modified scripts out, delete the old scripts and replace it, and put the modified scripts back in. (I did constantly receive some error message though, and commented out where that error came from. I haven’t noticed anything broken so far after that.)

    There’s also another probably more simple way to fix it, which you can read about here.

    In my opinion, try out the devforum’s way of fixing it first. If it doesn’t fix it, try my way.

  • @Denny9876 I did the devfourm one, replaced ChatBar but now the chat isn't appearing at all..?

  • @CarlPlandog Sometimes the chat would just “break” and not appear when testing in studio (for me at least). Keep re-testing until the chat comes back up. If it doesn’t for about 10 times, try it in-game.

    If it’s still not coming back up for some reason, either you did something wrong, the devforum method is somehow not “compatible” with how you modified your chat scripts, or they did something wrong somehow.

    If nothing still works try how I fixed it.

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