New tips of the day.

  • For the past months it's always the same tips and there's nothing new. And today's tip of the day is this:


    But the link is broken! The tips right now are getting boring and I think new tips would be great.

  • @sjr04Alt Such as? It's not like Roblox just completely changed their platform.

  • Are you asking to replace the current ones? I agree on the broken links but think about the newbies.

  • new tips for the newbies too

    @hiimgoodpack You're right. But I don't need to know everyday that lightning shouldn't be used for storage, i know that through common sense. If necessary some can be kept but i feel like we need new tips as well, or maybe we can just add on to the tips and not replace them.

  • @sjr04Alt Were there any tips that didn't involve information you could easily get/using common sense?

  • was just using as an example.

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