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  • So, judging by how a mass of scripters with quite a bit of expertise didn't like the first one because of its functions, I'd like to have people suggest ideas. (I thought this would be around the same topic as a collab, considering y'know, getting suggestions from others in a form of collaboration, otherwise I'll go for commons)

    Besides that, I will list the new features I have.

    GetAllChildren(instance) -- Yes, there's :GetDescendants, but I once got an error using :GetDescendants in a loop I was doing, my "GetAllChildren()" didn't. I'll assume it was because the select objects didn't have a hierarchy or weren't allowed to be accessed -- my "GetAllChildren()" doesn't throw an error as to avoid preventing a program from running.

    antivirus() -- Pretty much for show, no true value to it besides it removing old viruses that are usually broken from models or a place.

    isodd(number) -- Was suggested on the discord when I publicly released CVExtra -- It simply determines whether or not a number is odd or even, returning "even" or "odd".

    toCharList(string) -- Converts a string into a table of a 1-letter string table, used for my scripts to do better letter replacement.

    charlistToString(table) -- Converts a 'CharList' back into a string.

    conversion = {} -- A table containing numerous functions for converting studs, metric or imperial measurements into other stud, metric or imperial measurements. For example: toCentimetres("metres",2) will return 200, since there's 200 centimetres in 2 metres. And toCentimetres("studs",1) will return 20, since 1 stud is equal to 20 centimetres.

    checkLegitimateMatch(string,tomatch,caseinsensitive) -- Checks from the start of a string, seeing if tomatch's letters match string's letters -- If all characters in string from the start to the end of tomatch's length are equal to all of tomatch's characters, the string is returned, otherwise nil. Caseinsensitive determines whether or not it'll be caps sensitive.

    GetPlayersFromString(string,caseinsensitive) -- Checks through players if their name matches the same characters of string -- (This is from the start of a player's name though, similar to checkLegitimateMatch and why I added checkLegitimateMatch) -- It then stores the player or players that match the string into an array (table) and returns it.

    removeLetter(string,iterator) -- Removes a letter from an iteration of the string provided.

    addLetter(string,toadd,iterator) -- Adds a provided character (toadd) to string at provided iteration.

    replaceLetter(string,toreplace,iterator) -- Replaces a character with provided character (toreplace) within iteration of provided string. -- Currently WIP due to issues (not replacing the string properly with a full string, e.g. "do not look at this Epio" within "The Fitness Gram Pacer Test" results in partial replacement)

    photomanipulation = {} - A table containing functions that can change Color3 to forms of photomanipulation like black&white, sepia & cyanotype -- Also has function, "world" which colours ANYTHING with a Color3 property to the specified photomanipulation, "blacknwhite", "sepia" and "cyanotype".

    dropHats(plr) -- WIP, script hasn't been started yet. But I hope it'll be a function that can make NPC's or models drop their hats into the workspace. Which used to be a function using "=" or "+" back in the old Roblox days.

    Before you ask who "Epio" is. He is a friend of mine and he does not like hearing the Fitness Gram Pacer Test meme lol.
    But yeah, if you could provide any other functions that I could add or have ideas, provide 'em!

    -- UPDATE:
    dropHats(plr) -- Makes a specified player drop their hats (bringing back them good ol' days)

    Within "colours" I have functions that can turn hex colours into RGB.
    And most surprisingly of them all, a function that can turn Vector3 into Color3 (I made it due to mesh VertexColor)

  • :\ replaceLetter, we have gsub.

  • @sjr04Alt Unfortunately that is not the case! string.gsub replaces any form of the matched letters to the replaceletter. My "replaceLetter()" doesn't do matching, it just replaces any letters from a specified point with the provided "rpll" (replace).

    I never enjoyed gsub for that reason rip

    However, string.sub would be closer to the purpose of my replaceLetter() although it doesn't do any removing.

  • @Cvieyra2test

    gsub replaces any form of the matched letters

    gsub has a last optional argument which is the maximum replacements to make.

  • @sjr04Alt Is that the "Variant repl" in ?

    But still, the difference is that gsub matches (& replaces matches) and replaceLetter just replaces a bunch of letters after a certain iteration.

    Which me'replaceLetter() is having issues with unfortunately rip

  • UPDATE in Post!

  • @Cvieyra2test I don't think this thread has anything to do with collaboration; it's more to advertise your module. How come you posted it here?

    dropHats(plr) -- Makes a specified player drop their hats (bringing back them good ol' days)

    If I recall, all the old system did was parent the hats into the Workspace. lol To answer this part of the thread, Which used to be a function using "=" or "+" back in the old Roblox days, the key was =.

    GetAllChildren(instance) -- Yes, there's :GetDescendants, but I once got an error using :GetDescendants in a loop I was doing, my "GetAllChildren()" didn't.

    What were you doing exactly? :thinking:

  • @TheAlphaStigma It isn't necessarily to advertise, as I stated, it is to improve it.

    Yes, that is true, that's what the old system did and that's what my dropHats() does as well lol

    For GetAllChildren() -- I was doing a loop through:
    local places = {stuff in game (DataModel)}
    (WHenever I paste the true code, it breaks the message thing)

    My anti-virus was running it and since some of it was nil, it error'd causing the script to stop.

    There's odd differences between Studio & Playmode
    For some reason, it won't let my script define most of the objects in game in Studio mode, but it will in Playmode.

  • well, for isodd, a good way to test is using num % 2, if it is 0, it it's even, if it's 1, its odd, and if it's anything else, it's a decimal

  • @theking48989987 Ye', it uses exactly that process to determine whether or not a number is even or odd.

  • @Cvieyra2test Mind blowing something we never thought of. Nobody in the world has made this! A function that checks if a number is even or odd!!!!!! Wow Albert Einstein! n n

  • @sjr04Alt Now now, before ya start another flame war. This module script isn't just for "functions that have never been thought of before," they are rather functions that aren't included in base-Roblox functions.

  • @Cvieyra2test you can do that in roblox lol.

  • @Zafirua Ye', I do realise the return thing is, quite worthless RIP and I do know about the alternative method. And yes, as I keep mentioning, I do take criticism, I just don't take offensive comments. It doesn't help me any and I'm always excited to hear a ping to think "yay someone's giving me something good to use" and it's just sjr04alt trashing on me because I talk about my module.

    Yes, I could improve the readability, which I am in the second module.

    Yes, I do agree now a lot of the functions are pointless, I had no idea certain methods existed before Phlege (someone who actually did give me criticism back in that heated flame war that occured in the first module) told me about them. Some of the pointless functions are however staying for the benefit of the functions I have now. However I do have a "tips" section of the module for beginners to use alternative methods.

    But I do take offense to you calling me "immature" when I just wanna help people code or make their games and sjr04alt keeps degrading me merely every time I make a post or always when I talk about my module.

  • @Cvieyra2test How about a module to filter text with the Chat service? Sure, beginners can do it, but it may be subjected to erroring at a point when using it. (Like the service failing to filter or an error occurred.) For some more info on this, this's the page I'm talking about.

    Could you guys duke this out somewhere else? :/

  • @TheAlphaStigma I've never really researched the chat system, but I assume this is filterin' stuff, it mentions about a better filter thingie which I'd probably use.
    But in general, I'll have to research this stuff before I consider it oof

    Also, I just wish for the entire situation to end, I didn't want it to occur on the guy's game page either, so I tried to direct it over here.

  • 0_1546417429619_upload-2bd06fbb-b243-44c5-81a9-766d9e846013

    Working on adding functions to a huge thing listing functions in the module script.

    Preview of tips:

    Preview of "Huge Thing Listing Functions":

    Non-Custom Colours & new custom colours added to colour list:

    "Super Module Script" CVExtra is still work in progress, but is coming out nicely!

    Numbify also accepts a hyphen/minus sign (to declare it a negative integer) if found first before any number or decimal.

  • @TheAlphaStigma you know why it is easy to filter chat service? because roblox allows you to look at their core scripts when you start the game

  • @DominusInfinitus and all this filtering stuff is stupid. I mean, come on. I know they have to filter private info and profanity and BS like that, but they filter numbers too. I mean, come on, I know roblox doesnt want to get called by parents saying that their children told strangers their phone numbers, but still. I just wish that roblox wouldnt hashtag to the point where no one can read. it is so annoying. and see, here is the problem: when I started roblox all those years ago, (More like 2-3) I didnt know about the dam hashtagging thing and the developer exchange thing. And the problem is, I was not 13 nor am i yet, so being stupid me, I entered my real age and screwed myself. and now, I cant change my age. and I have to wait until I am 13 BOIIIIII

  • @DominusInfinitus by the way dominusinfinitus is not my real account, but i cant say my real account is. yet.

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