Remove accept/unaccept answer feature for community moderators.

  • An update was announced in the Scripting Helpers Discord server a while back. The message said:

    "Changes as of today:

    • Any users with 2k rep or higher are now automatically considered Community Moderators.
    • Community Moderators can edit others' posts, and accept others' answers on questions (not their own).
    • Community moderators can add notes to questions and answers as feedback to the poster.
    • Community Moderators can delete spam answers from questions"

    I appreciate being able to edit questions, lots of new users are not aware of code blocks and we, the community, can finally do something about it. Leaving notes is also appreciated. But what really concerns me is this:

    accept others' answers on questions (not their own).

    It's good that they can't accept their own answer. And I could see one reason why this is a feature. All too often people are jerks and say "Thanks this worked" but they never accept the answer. But what if someone unaccepts another person's answer, say, out of hate, or so theirs could get accepted? Or what if they accept another person's answer, because they are a friend, family member, etc. or just out of favouritism? @Phlegethon5778 suggested in this post:

    I think we should add a feature. The feature would be that after a certain time period of the user not accepting an answer, moderation users can vote for which answer they think is the accepted one, based on the comments of the asker, or the quality of the answer. Often I see "this helped, thanks so much," but the answer is not accepted. This feature would allow for that to be corrected.

    This should be added instead.

    Thank you for reading.

  • Administrators

    Community moderators are expected to be pillars of the community earned by being consistently voted up by their peers for their quality content and conduct. Any abuse of the moderation features will result in permanent removal of special privileges.

  • @eryn Ok thank you.

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