Character resizer

  • I had an idea for a pretty simple way to change the size of your character, and it worked, for both R6 and R15.

    function resize(character, ratio)
    	character.Parent = nil
    	local function recurse(x)
    		local R6 = character.Humanoid.RigType == Enum.HumanoidRigType.R6
    		for k, v in pairs(x:GetChildren()) do
    			if v:IsA("Attachment") and (v.Parent.Name == "Handle" or R6) then
    				v.Position = v.Position * ratio
    			elseif v.ClassName == "SpecialMesh" and v.MeshType == Enum.MeshType.FileMesh then
    				v.Scale = v.Scale * ratio
    			elseif R6 then
    				if v:IsA("BasePart") then
    					v.Size = v.Size * ratio
    				elseif v:IsA("JointInstance") then
    					local c0, c1 = v.C0, v.C1
    					c0 = c0-c0.p + c0.p*ratio
    					c1 = c1-c1.p + c1.p*ratio
    					v.C0, v.C1 = c0, c1
    			elseif v:IsA("Humanoid") then
    				v.BodyDepthScale.Value = v.BodyDepthScale.Value * ratio
    				v.BodyHeightScale.Value = v.BodyHeightScale.Value * ratio
    				v.BodyWidthScale.Value = v.BodyWidthScale.Value * ratio
    				v.HeadScale.Value = v.HeadScale.Value * ratio
    	character.Parent = workspace

    Animations will still be slightly off because positional offsets do not scale with size, so there's no getting around that.


  • Roblox already allows you to do that with R15 characters without bugs, but it is cool that you did it with R6.

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