Downvotes with no explanation

  • I think there should be a system in place that requires people to give reasons for down votes because I've recently been getting random down votes on my answers and since I am still only about a month into scripting with lua, I don't know everything, so these down votes don't help me in any way. I also think that it should be one down vote per reason so you can't just get down voted into oblivion over one simple typo or something.

  • @SteamG0D True, true. People also need to start accepting answers more often. Lately, I have given like 10 good answers, and no one has accepted, even though I tested the code out and it solved their problem. I am started to get infuriated. I need the reputation

  • I don't think I've ever witnessed downvotes being abused, and the only few cases I got any was because I missed something on my answer (As it should be). Don't use reputation as something to validate yourself on this site. The code you answer with reflects your level of scripting anyways. Therefore, if your answer lacks explanation, doesn't work, or doesn't bother to be in relevance to the question then it's a deserved downvote.

    I feel like users who see something wrong in someone's answer should instead give their own answer (ez rep). Lately, the Newest section feels like a race to answer anything if it fixes the problem. I hardly see a thought out explanation and they even sometimes go against SH guidelines (Just the fixed code itself).

    Recently I check out the Unanswered section to write out lengthy answers for DataStore or UserInputService questions no one ever bothers with.

  • @DominusInfinitus
    I kinda wish there was an automatic acceptance of an answer that reached 5 votes if there's not already one. I feel a lot of people just forget they've ever posted, or solve it themselves and never come back.

    @xPolarium said in Downvotes with no explanation:

    Lately, the Newest section feels like a race to answer anything if it fixes the problem.

    Very much so this. Maybe delay when acceptance until 15-30 minutes after the question's asked? Or hide answers from everyone besides the asker and your own submitted answers until after a certain amount of time, I know it's easy to skip over questions if you already know they have answers.

    Also maybe have the accepted answer shift if an answer reaches some number of points more than the accepted answer? Perhaps having an Author and Community answers for questions?

    or UserInputService questions no one ever bothers with

    That's because all the cool kids use mouse.KeyDown :grin:

  • @clc02 said in Downvotes with no explanation:

    That's because all the cool kids use mouse.KeyDown :grin:

    :face_palm: Ik you're joking, but considering you have a discussion about deprecated items, it's really not all that funny.

  • @TheAlphaStigma TELL ME ABOUT IT. THat forum post about deprecation is terrible.
    BTW I was scripting a shift to run script today which had keydown (FREE MODEL CONFIRMED) so I changed it to user input service and it is a lot cleaner. no more string .byte or crap like dat

  • Administrators

    Considering that casting a down vote deducts 1 reputation from the voter, I think the system is balanced and users have enough counter-incentive not to just down vote "randomly".

    Going to continue with this system for the foreseeable future, I don't want to add any more complexity to the voting system.

  • @eryn
    Respectfully, I disagree, if you're not at one of the milestones and you log in a couple of minutes every day to answer easy questions you'll get loads of reputation, and unless you're at the brink of a milestone (200, or whatever the next one is) you really don't care about losing one.

    Additionally, I think it'd help improve the quality of responses if you could see why you were downvoted, so you have an incentive to improve on your questions or answers in the future.

    Things like this doesn't really give me an idea why I was downvoted, and I can see people misclicking on accident.

  • @xPolarium I understand that we shouldn't use reputation to validate ourselves on any site, but the fact that someone down votes an answer without giving an explanation means you did something wrong and they do not respect you enough to let you know what you did wrong.

  • @eryn all that needs to change is that when someone clicks the down arrow, they get prompted to leave a note of why they think the person deserves the downvote. Then make something next to the voting arrows that shows people's reasons for downvoting you. It doesn't prevent people who can downvote from downvoting you, it only requires them to tell you why they think you deserved it because they sure won't and don't tell you with the current system.

  • I've recently been getting random down votes on my answers and since I am still only about a month into scripting with lua, I don't know everything, so these down votes don't help me in any way.

    blaming your lack of knowledge on the community omega lul

    If you do not know the answer to something do not answer it.

  • @sjr04Alt
    Teaching is one of the best ways to learn anything. If you know enough on how to search the documentation and how to test things in studio you'll learn a lot just from going question to question. You'll naturally expose yourself to things that more difficult than standard use cases, and become familiar with common errors.

    If you do not know the answer, but know how to find out, do so and then answer. You're basically teaching two people, unless of course you get something wrong and the only constructive feedback someone can give you is to take away your imaginary points, without even posting their own clearly superior answer, then you don't learn anything.

  • @clc02 if you do not know about the subject don't teach, period. You might how to find out but that doesn't mean you know all about the topic magically

  • @sjr04Alt
    It's the best method of learning. Making an attempt to teach others matters. If you know nothing about Lua in the first place, sure it's not the best place to start, but for intermediate users it's a great way to learn. If you help someone else at the same time it's a win win. It's not like knowing a method someone else doesn't is a magical secret only findable after years of meditation, you probably just need to read up on it's documentation and test it out in studio.

    Plus, if it's wrong I'm sure people will use comments for their intended purpose and comment about what could be improved, such as incorrect usage of deprecated functions, right?

  • @sjr04Alt Something you will find out if you ever decide to make a living off of comp sci is you take the job when it is offered even if you know nothing about the subject and learn as you go. If you don't make the attempt to immerse yourself in the subject in any way that you can, you will get nowhere in life or it will take you months to learn something you can learn in days, if you don't try.

  • Not knowing the topic whilst still trying to help makes you look stupid.

  • @sjr04Alt I can understand that you are not at the stage in your life where you realize that making the attempt is the reason someone is smart. Making no attempt shows you don't even want to learn and that is what shows people that you are stupid or lazy.

  • can someone give me a TL;DR here?

  • @GamingOverlord756
    People downvote answers and questions for various reasons, generally because they don't like them. People don't have to comment why they don't like them, some people think that commenting on why you downvoted should be mandatory, some people think it works as is.

    In this thread:

    For mandatory comments:

    • Helps people know what they did wrong
    • Helps prevents down voting for reasons other than that they didn't like your answer
    • The reputation cost is negligible and doesn't discourage downvotes
    • Required comments can prevent misclicks when people intend to upvote.

    For leaving it as is:

    • The downvote system already costs one reputation, so people are unlikely to spam it
    • Adding anything to it will make it needlessly complicated

    Side thoughts in the thread:

    • People need to accept answers more often
    • People who see something wrong with an answer should put their own answer up
    • Newest questions feels like a race to be the first to answer, and the quality suffers for i t
    • Automatic acceptance at a certain positive vote threshold
    • Hiding answers until a set amount of time after question's posted
    • Shift the answered question to the highest upvoted one if there's a large difference in votes
    • KeyDown is objectively superior to UserInputService :grin:
    • You should know the subject before trying to answer
    • You should attempt to teach subjects you don't know to learn them better

  • @clc02

    • KeyDown is objectively superior to UserInputService :grin:

    can you not

    We already understand that you want to keep writing bad code. That's fine. You won't be forced to write better code. Your code will be bound to break at some point.

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