How to decrease Neon Glow

  • Lets pretend that you have a Part with Neon Material, but the neon material is glowing too much so you want to Decrease the Glow.
    0_1548872994464_Too Bright.png
    The solution is easier than wasting time by changing the lighting of your game or removing post-processing effects
    you just have to change the Part's color to a Darker color!

    Before (White)
    0_1548873746615_still bright.png
    After (White)
    Before (Blue)
    After (Blue)

    In short if you have a part with RED set to 255 you have to shrink the value in half (255 > 127)

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  • You might want to check for spelling before posting something, "Resumidely" is not a real word.

  • @FullMetalEdward45221 i didn't know you could do that thx

  • @FullMetalEdward45221 A nice tutorial.

  • The find I find hilarious is that I discovered this a few days back, like January 29 or 28th I think. I discovered it whilst fooling around with ColorCorrection, BloomEffect & Sun Rays. (I created what one person would term "hell" and figured out you could lower the brightness of neon by darkening it (lowering its "Value"/"Luminosity") ).

    Essentially I had intensity of things like BloomEffect to like 99999 and ColorCorrection Saturation to -9999 or 9999. It was quite fun.

    But yeah, this tutorial is pretty good.

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