Paying For Someone To Make Me A Chat With /Advert and /OOC, etc READ

  • Hello everyone. So as the title reads, I will pay for someone to make a chat system(or add on to roblox's it does not matter).
    Here are all the features I expect from this chat system...

    .Regular messages can only be heard and seen on the chat by players within roughly 50 studs of the player who sent it.
    .Players can use /OOC to send a message to all players(Basically a regular message except everyone can see it)
    . /OOC messages show up in the chat as blue words
    .Players can use /Advert to advertise a message. /Advert works like /OOC, except it will be highlighted yellow.

    So yeah that is it for now. Just reply with how much you think you should get for doing something like this, and we will negotiate with the price as said. Thanks!

  • @hawkeye1940 didnt you post this like 3 weeks ago? why reposting

  • @DominusInfinitus why do you need this chat system to start with not trying to be mean or nosy
    just wanting to know

  • Couldn’t you just bump your last topic (reply to your own post so it will go back up on top) instead of creating a completely new one?

    Anyways, I am a bit interested on your offer, but I currently do not have the time to make it. I’ll reply again with a little “demo” of your request if I’m still interested and then we can talk about payment after that.

    Also, do regular messages affect the default channel or will it be on a separate channel (Default channel is called “All”, and is what players join in at first when the join the game)? Can I also just make my own chat system instead of using Roblox’s? (I know you said I can make my own but I want to be sure)

  • Sorry everyone about the delay! To be honest I cannot find my other post LMFAO. Anyways, yes you can make your own chat system! Although because it is yours, I may ask you to add on to it in the future. I did not plan on having channels, just the one channel. @Denny9876 if you insist than go ahead. If there were several different channels(idk what the other channels would do or be for) then yes /OOC and /ADVERT would affect them all! @DominusInfinitus this is for a roleplay game. If you have ever played g mod or darkRP than you understand why I need it for a roleplay game. Despite this, my roleplay game is not actually darkRP. :)

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