HttpService Tutorial (Getting group shout info)

  • Hello,
    Today I'll be showing you how to get group shout info using a Roblox API Proxy

    For this tutorial you will need:

    Lets get started!

    1. Open Roblox Studio go to Game Settings > Options and turn Allow HTTP Requests On.
    2. Create a Script in ServerScriptService.
    3. Make a Variable for HttpService, name it HTTP.
      HTTP = game:GetService('HttpService')
    4. Make a Variable for your Url, name it Url.
      Url = "" -- The end number (1) is your group ID, change it to your group Id.
    5. You will then need to make a Variable for your Data being retrieved, I called mine Request
      Request = HTTP:GetAsync(Url) -- This is your Data being retrieved from the Website
    6. Your data is currently in JSON form and roblox can not read JSON so you will have to convert your JSON into a Table.
      Decode = HTTP:JSONDecode(Request) -- JSON data is being decoded into a Table that roblox can read.
    7. Make a Variable for your shout. Now your data is formatted so that roblox can use it you can now start referencing the parts of the data like your group shouts
      Shout = Decode.shout.body -- This is the most recent shout by the group.
    8. You're all set! you can now use your current group shout in game as a string.
      HTTP = game:GetService('HttpService')
      Url = ""
      Request = HTTP:GetAsync(Url)
      Decode = HTTP:JSONDecode(Request)
      Shout = Decode.shout.body

      Video Preview
      I have a few examples of what you can do with HttpService that you are free to mess about with and use.

    If you didn't like this tutorial I'm sorry it's my first one and I'm not really sure how to make them interesting yet.

  • @unbind_c Bad tutorial. Not even in code blocks.

  • @sjr04Alt

    Don't straight up call a tutorial bad. Give reasons on why it's bad instead.. Plus, if you bothered to read his tutorial, he even said that it's his first one. He'll get better over time.

    TLDR: lrn 2 sugrcote nrd

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