Has anyone done c++? If so what's it like?

  • I am planning to get books for c++ but I wanna know if it's even worth it. Is c++ good?

  • @sjr04Alt most game engines are programmed in c++, also if you want to go into robotics or similar fields (stuff with programming and hardware), you should learn c++. It's like java, really old, but still relevant.

  • Every language has its own qualities and areas it shine at. It depends on what you want to use the language for. For example for Programming Contest, the only allowed languages generally are either C, C++, Java, Pascal or Rust. Any other languages are usually not allowed for good reasons.

    That being said, definitely recommend C++. Some people find that learning C before C++ is better. I didn't learn C prior to learning C++ but still am understanding fine.

    Long story short, yes it is worth it. Any proper languages are worth it

  • complicated

    don't compare coding languages to other coding languages, all coding languages are highly powerful and can do all sorts of things. quoted from Michael Reeves himself.

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