Trying to make a realistic weapon system.

  • I was inspired by NoCollision's guns. He has some amazing WW2 gun models. And amazing system. You can check it out: wanted to make something similar to that. If you familiar with the guns you know its going on your body. Like, a holster.

    So I plan on adding a folder or a model of the gun to the character, position and weld it. Now when the player equipts the gun it will play an equipt animation and animate the model/folder parts inside the character.
    It sounds complex and wanted to ask if anyone has any ideas how to even start.

    The tool should contain all the scripts. Its gonna need to add a Motor6D to animate the gun parts I assume? I have no idea how to start. Just wanted some help and ideas of what should I do and what should I use? CFrames? Motor6D for the animations?


  • Use :Lerp for the animation be like on activated function

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